MMWA Forums is now Spam with Android Forums

Every page now on forums only has 1 post rest are spam, these forums are getting out of control, they are no longer fun to come too. Used to be a nice place to chill and hang out but now these forums are terrible and they suck, there is no moderators here. This probably the only forums site in the whole universe with no moderators.

Can someone recommend me a new nice android site forum.

I came here looking for new ideas and advice but instead I ended up getting a stream to an NFL football Game or I end up getting stupid shit about hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, Who gives a shit this site is about android, not about who has the biggest black cock, or stupid news stories. If I want news id go to CNN or some shit, If I want to watch football then I would tune into the games on my NFL Sunday Ticket Directv Subscription.

This Spam has to stop…

No new posts should be allowed to be made until someone reaches 100 posts then they can create a new forum.

agreed, it is terrible

We have made a forum a while ago but nobody really cared or registered.
Domain, hosting and forum license for nothing, just waiting for it to end next year.

If anybody is interested they can start their threads there and I will be happy to moderate everything.
The forum is called The Android Yard
The Android Yard Forum


Hello Droidgenie,
In your website magicgenieapps when we create live wallpaper it does not show icon when we create gif to live wallpaper.Please fix that as soon as possible and ads2livewallpaper for ad placement in live wallpaper is not creating apk from there.I requested you to fix it as soon as possible.

Can use the forum in my signature.
But if we don’t do mass migration is useless😀

Nice sharing…thanks for the information…

Who ate my signature? 0_0
Anyway forum is

When find some time, ill make mass migration :wink: only spammer knows how to do it :slight_smile:

I send email to David about limit new user post and other way to prevent spam but him not care/ignore all. may be he busy with the job, but does not want any has mod or admin.

It is bad however, I have been on a lot of different forums and while I still have to sift through spam, it is more active than many others.