mMedia Performance - Is it a joke?

Hi guys,

I have some apps with Millennial Media ads, banners and interstitials. The apps have fans from around the world without particular geo - a 20-30% are US and other high quality users, the rest are lower.

For almost 1.5 yr I have been seeing really funny ECPMs to the point of wondering if I am joked or what. I have contacted their support more than once, and I always get the same response: I do not have many users in good geos so I get lower values.

Thing is, most of those apps also got Admob integration and the revenues are shared - Admob makes me 10 times more than mMedia. You might wonder why I keep using them - answer is, I want a CPM/CPC based ad network other than Admob and my options are limited atm.

Could you please share your opinion on my stats?

Since start of 2015:

Revenue $7.64 Requests 137,306 Views 78,849 Clicks 286 CTR 0.36% Fill Rate 57.43% eCPM $0.10

I use MMedia only as a backfill and only for my larger apps - for small apps their eCPM can be laughable (like $0.01) but for larger ones it seems close to adMob for me (but I don’t trust them - they once paid me only 60% of what was estimated).

I stopped using MMedia a long time ago because their eCPMs always sucked unless you have massive traffic in combination with good geos.

Leadbolt is a possible alternative for me, would you recommend to me to switch to Leadbolt instead?

I completely agree, see my post ,
I had pushed lot of traffic but still it never worked for me.
I finally stopped using them.
did you try amazon or facebook?
or may be inmobi?

I use Amazon too,better but still not good enough.
The rest i cannot use at the moment and i also think their performance isn’t good enough.

eCPM on Millenial will probably be even lower now - they’ve just send me information that: “mMedia has reduced the minimum bid price required for CPC and CPM campaigns to $0.01!” So we’ll probably see eCPM below $0.01. :slight_smile: With such eCPM I prefer to not show ads at all, so if there is no floor setting in Mmedia I might remove them completely now (I use them as a backfill, last resolt sort of network).

I saw a really funny spike in mMedia revenue days ago, without any kinds of change in terms of traffic. What they did is simply decided eCPM for an app of mine instead of 0.01 USD would be 2.23 USD.

Would be nice if it stayed that way :frowning:

mMedia is for backfill, the fill rate is 100% so you should allocate all your impressions that would ended up in nowhere… performance is terrible, I receive a payment every 2/3 months, maybe 80$ , 90$… better than nothing!