Mmedia banners

My fill rate was 70% a few days ago. now 50% for the last 2 days. Anybody else using mmedia getting a low fill rate with banners?

I have 50%, but I always had it quite low. I move very little traffic their way these days though because the eCPM is very low and payments are lower than estimates.

I have been doing good but every since they acquired that other business. They have been slacking. Might have to let them go. I’m still getting 99% fill rate with video ads. I think with the merger, a lot have changed.

Yes, I also think something changed then - and for worse with MMedia.

I have them in my banners mediation but stopped showing them about a month ago, it’s just not worth it. Use admob or amazon instead

yeah, I think I have to. I will have to change my app design around a little bit to be admob safe.
I will probably only keep there video ads. Buying Jumptap was there biggest mistake.
They barely reply to your support tickets now. Use to be within 24hrs. now its like 3 or 4 days.