Missed Call Bomber

Missed Call Bomber is the name of an android application, Using this application, you can make missed call on any phone number, as many as you want!

• First, enter a valid phone number.
• Second, Enter number of missed calls.
• Third, enter duration for each call.
Now, you can have a cup of coffee and wait until all missed calls taken place on your victim phone!
In order to stop application process you can turn the screen off.

Tip: this application tasted successfully on Samsung mobile phones, but it might doesn’t work on some ROMs and phones, if you buy this application and it doesn’t work on your phone, please tell us in order to fix problems (if it is possible) in new versions!
This application will get update every 10 days and all comments will review and effect on new versions, so if you don’t like any part of application or you expect some feature that is not included in current version, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

This application is on sale just 0.99$ , so buy this chip application right now and get advantage of it!

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MissedCall Bomber New VERSION 2.2.1
now the new version of missed call bomber is available on slideme market