Miracle happened to my app with keyword installs

So, first of all, at first I thought that it is impossible to rank an app with just a few keyword installs. But, I knew that it would’t hurt to try them. So I just signed up at this site: KeyApp.top - Android keywords promotion and ordered my first 100 installs pack(50 daily for 2 days). It is good to know that the installs from this website are genuine US installs, and the price is a little bit high(0.16$ for 1 US keyword install) but it worth because the website has a self-serve paltform so you can easily create your campaign . So after I bought these installs, had to wait 2 days, Google updates their ranking in this time, and suddenly saw that my app jumped from ranking 99 to 19. The miracle didn’t start here. After one month now, I checked the ranking of the app, and the ranking remained the same. How could this happen? Here is the proof:
If you register under this link KeyApp.top - Android keywords promotion you can get your free trial directly to your account and try the service!

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Can anyone confirm that? Has anybody used keyapp for keywords promotion?

Hello, guys!
Keywords serve as the important part of app promotion, which can boost your app ranking if you choose the right keywords of your app. Collaborate with a reliable app store optimization company is a good choice for app developer to optimize your app keywords. About the company, I have not used Keyapp for keywords promotion, but I recommended you another reliable company-ASOTOP1, which can provide professional services to help you choose the appropriate keywords so that your app will get a higher ranking.
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Hope this website can help you a lot!

Keyword and incentive installs are two really useful instruments for app promotion, butthey are one part of marketing strategy. They help to promote your new app faster and make it visible for other users that will increase your organic growth.

I can advice you the company my friend uses every time he needs installs for new apps. It is called steamseo. You can get installs from real people for a good price on this platform. The everage price for 1 install is $0.05.

Moreover I know they have special offer this month and the price can be decreased to $0.03.

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If you are interested in keyword installs with the aim to increase the app positions for search requests, please contact us directly at our website via a support team chat. We will be able to provide some study cases as well as show that the ranks are really the same as we show on our platform, as it is easy to compare the results of promotion you see at Keyapp with any other ASO service which shows the app ranks.

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