Minimum Purchased Installs

I’m wondering if there is a minimum for the amount of downloads one should purchased to be effective. For example, I was debating purchasing 300 actual downloads for an app that is a trivia game. Should I rather not invest such a small amount, and rather go for 5-10k downloads instead? Does anyone have any experience with buying small amounts of downloads? Thank you.

A small amount of downloads would probably be a waste of money. You probably would not even make your money back. It depends on the app’s natural download rate and it’s category, but about 3k dls in the first few days can usually get you into the top 100 new free for it’s category.

Oh, wow. So at least a few hundred dollar investment would be necessary?

Yes… I bought 1000/day *10 days in appbrain for one country and I am wondering if it’s not 2small ammount :confused: Ill see in next 10 days :wink:

Please post your results after 10 days.

Yes please. I also want to saw the results.

What country do you target? and how much do you bid?