Minimum Downloads We Need to get in top new 100

How Many Minimum Downloads Does We Need to get in top new 100?

that depends, i got my app in top 100 in photography by 1000 downloads or so, second app i couldnt get to top 100 with double downloads, so it really depends what traffic the competition is getting,reviews,trends etc etc. That said, a budget of 1000 - 2000 will definitely get you there.

Well,What was the genre of second app?

It depends on the country. If you have 10 installs in Luxembourg and 1000 in the USA you will be placed a lot better in the Luxembourg lists. All countries are independent, you might be in the top for some countries and nowhere to be found for other countries.

It also depends on the competition. You need a lot more downloads to reach the top lists with a game compared to a business app for example. That’s because there are at least 10x more games than business apps.

Does Your App was in top list in any country?

I had several games which were on top lists while they were new.

So how much % of download boost after that?

My latest game was getting around 1700-2000 downloads in it’s best days when it was still new and was ranked in top 500 for 22 countries. It was ranked top 100 for games > brain & puzzle in around 5-10 countries. Now the game is not in the top lists anymore and is getting around 150-200 downloads daily.

1000-5000 day / for russian and usa market but for example Denmark or Portugal, <100 downloads. Depends of country, hour of publication, install/uninstall ratio / day

Thank you for reply!!as We know,App doesn’t get downloads just after publishing.So how you made it possible on to go at 1700-2000 .What kind of advertise you had done.And what was your Budget?

Thanks!!This number of downloads per day required for How many days so that app will reach in top new?And BTW do u know average downloads For App to get trending?

I was getting 1700-2000 downloads after about 2-3 weeks. Spent around $100 daily on buying installs to get there.

Daily 100$ for how many days!!Did you recovered that amount on same day?

It all depends on so many factors, really hard to estimate how many downloads you need, it might varies.

  • time when you publish
  • quality of the app
  • types of advertisement (used to advert your game, not your monetization)
  • current competition

Those are some major, here`s live example, my game that managed to be #1 in many countries, showing downloads count:

As you can see on first day it was 697 downloads gradually growing every day, up to even 240.000 downloads a day latter on.

How did you promoted your app?Budget?for how many days?

As I mentioned once here somewhere, no money involved in advertisement, promotion on all major forums, some Facebook pages, my development blog etc.

It depends a lot on the quality of the app and how well it is received by the audience.

In my case I was spending $100 daily and earning about $20 daily. But my game was not a big hit. If you have a great game like Matthewek has you will earn a lot more.

Basically I wasn’t hoping to get my investment back the same day. I was hoping to get my game up in rankings and then get organic downloads, drive traffic to my game and then monetize it.

So your first goals should be to have a really great app. If you have one and you’re a bit lucky, you will get downloads without even advertising it.

ok!!But then also, how many downloads you got for spending $100 ?!!and for how many days you ran campaign?how many days it took to reach at top ranking!!

I spent a total of $1700 for buying installs and after 30 days I had around 45k installs. So I paid for around 9k downloads and got 45k downloads in the first 30 days. I ran the campaign for about 2 weeks and I reached the best rankings after about 3 weeks.

How to know the ranking on google play.
I tried on few links, but did not find the way.

i want to check ranking for my free app.