MiniMob Payments?

Is MiniMob paying the earning?
I can’t find the payment options page in this mobile network.

They do pay. If I remember correctly I had to send them my bank details by mail.

Thanks man.

I have just added minimob sdk few days ago and start making some good money! Great tool guys!
What about payment? When I will be paid? Are they going to add paypal anytime soon?

Thanks for the support

Soon paypal will be added, in the meantime we do pay by bank transfer. Contact me by PM to send you also my email/skype details

I think minimob should add those payment info and payment history on their website.

We really working on improving that part

Minimob pays and is very consisyent with it. I have been paid thrice by them already. You have to send them an invoice along with the banking information.

Did you notice some yesterday and today some low revenue?

Minimob is a scam , they do not pay anymore since long time , avoid them

they didnt pay money for like 2-3 years