Minimob compliancy

Hi all,

Due some bans for using outed SDK like Mobario I got to consideration Minimob. They also have out of app formats.

From they dashboard you can pick what ads you want to serve and download proper SDK. But… In their downloaded jar ( I have only Dialog ads) I have such class as PushAds.class and
till 24th December in integration in manifest file there was line with


declaration. I say it again - I don’t have any pushes at all. From 24th this is changed with:


but in jar also have PushAds.class

Can this be considered as using out of app formats by google??

Thanks for any help.

I don’t think so. I think that Google can ban your app because of SDK name (like in mobario) or when system (4.1+) will detect out-of-app activity. In this case these two methods won’t ban you. That’s my opinion. If you registered the account - you can put promo code “mjms” to get bonus!

OK I see. But did you upgrade to latest SDK?

No, not yet

What kind of ads are you using with minimob?? And what percent of downloaded apps are counted?
For me is only Dialog ads and about 20% is counted or computed by 0.02$.