Minecrafty vibes

So, it was a Chinese novel.
i remember some but not the title
the MC could travel to another world a game like world with different kind of rule.
Chopping down trees, you get a cube of wood.
Mining gives you a cube of ore or something.

I remember that the MC even did a test on water collected at the other world after coming back.

Another weird thing was after MC made a house on the other world, the wolf came to destroy it so he made some fire camp which acted as a barrier against wolves. and also the wolves went back to forest after the sun comes up. MC even did some experiment with those wolves tying them with leash to see what happens to the wolves after teh sun comes up. and the result - burn or melt or something like that.

I remember this one.

Oh yeah, what a Minecraft vibe. I like Minecraft vibes. It reminded me of adolescence when I was playing too. I also know perfectly well these vibes you are talking about. When I saw that experiment done by MC, I was shocked to see that there was such a thing. I didn’t play Minecraft for a while, and now even though I’m 25, I started playing Minecraft again. I found some nice Minecraft skyblock servers that I couldn’t find in my teens. Ah, what a nostalgia I have while playing Minecraft.

Your adolescence? Dude, I’m still playing that games from time to time. Mostly I play it together with my son as he also has a great passion for that game.