Millennial media

Hey i want to add a banner ad to my game, i tryed adding admob but its making my game slow and takes long time to load.
how is millennial media banner ads are? How is the cpm? Do you recommend it or something else? (Only banners)

Try notifyMobbanners… They also offer weekly payments with a minimum of $25
I don not have experience with MM so I cannot share anything with you… tnx…

Hi Oriz,

Nick from Airpush here. I would like to suggest testing out our new 360 abstract banner ads for your app. They are engaging to users and perform 5 times better for you than traditional in app banners. We also have ad caching for the ads so you can preload them, and have them load smoothy within the app.

Check out our demo site at Airpush Publisher Demo.

PM me to chat further.

Airpush Nick

Millennial Media are no good in my experience.

If not mistaken, payment schedule for millennial media is very long.

Admob supposed to be one of the best. Other than that, I would recommend appbrain, startapp, airpush.

Their support is disgrace. I just want to integrate mediation via AdMob , i searched their web site about docs buts there is no documentery then i just open support ticket and they reply me and said that we attached a pdf file but i can not login their support ticket system i’m talking them since 5 days via email but still i can not log in ticket system and still they did not send pdf documentery via email. By the way they give answer usually in 2 days.

From what I remember you only need to add their adapter JAR to your project and configure the AndroidManifest as you do when integrating their ads normally. But I did it a long time ago, so I might remember wrong. There is a documentation somewhere on their site though. I am not sure if it’s worth the effort. At least for me they have often overstated the eCPM and estimated revenue (for at least 10%) and that eCPM is already low.

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