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Do any of you use Millennial Media as an ad network. I’ve read how thier payment process works and they say it take about 10 days for your revenue to show up in the payout section and then the 45 day period until you can actually payout. My revenue is still $0 and it has been 24 days since this month started. Can someone explain what is going one? I’ve switched from mobclix so I’m paranoid about not getting paid.

millenial have net-90 plan, you can withdraw money to paypal after 90 days

Its net 60 plus 5 day processing and rest assured they pay. Excellent customer service, but their docs has a few bugs.

Is the Phone State permission required? Will it refuse to work when that permission is not present?

I just do what ever they say just to be safe.

Also i checked the payout this morning and my revenue was there I’m so happy.

LMAO C’mon, This is becoming a joke, These ad network’s are KILLING IT and their paying publishers net-60!?!?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? IS THIS REAL LIFE? …Well MMedia, I’ll never EVER be using you, and I’ll be sure to tell all my friends to never to use you guy’s either…(unless they want to wait 5 months to get their money)

Btw…any publisher sending to these assholes, your being robbed blind, there’s probably some shady shit going on behind the scenes and that’s why they don’t pay for 2 months, Real talk, if these guy’s existed in the affiliate industry (This is why they don’t) they’d be broke and out of business in a month, NO affiliate would ever put up with net-60 and neither should publishers. This is just flat out pathetic.

What’s next? Net-90? No Thanks Jeff, You mise well just keep my god damn money if your paying shitty terms like that. Thankfully MMedia will never ever seen an ounce of traffic from me unless they fix those unrealistic payout terms, Are you trying to starve developers MMedia?

I agree it sucks, but my eCPM makes up for the extra 20 days (compared to Admob, which is technically 45 days or so).

I don’t have a definitive explanation why it takes so long- There has to be a reason, otherwise these companies would be outdoing each other on payout schedules, being that there are probably 50ish mobile ad companies now. I mean, did affiliate advertising start out 30 and 60 days and competition drove them all to weekly?

The only thing I can think of is that revenue that is pending has to check out against any fraudulent click claims from the advertisers… And adjusted accordingly. Whereas if affiliates sell an item they sell an item (not sure how CC fraud is handled, affiliates might still get paid weekly anyways and the company eats those costs?).

If this is true, then Airpush is making A LOT of money to be able to just say whatever on misclicks/false impressions and offer weekly payments, while other companies cannot.

Or my theory is completely bunk and Airpush is just a pioneer of weekly payments for mobile publishers.

Theres 1000x more fraud in the affiliate industry, When you can make 20$ for 1 sale…people do everything and anything to get a sale, there is barely any click fraud in mobile, I’m also an advertiser, I spend several hundred a day and have for awhile now buying from leadbolt and airpush and if the traffic was “Fraud” then I’d be losing money, and I have never really lost money in mobile.

The ad networks are just taking advantage of the fact that most publishers don’t make very much,

when I started in 2008 most networks paid net-15 or net-30 so yeah competition did drive them to weekly some what, but affiliates also started just going direct to advertisers to.

Trust me, there isn’t much click fraud, like I said adnetwork’s are just taking advantage of publishers, if there was so much click fraud then there would be 0 advertisers, because advertisers have to make $ also.

Ok i just checked my funds on Millennial. It says 2/25/13 Automatic Transfer Withdrawal -$XXXXX
I checked my paypal and nothing is there.

can someone please explain this?

Transfer funds happens around the end of the first week of each month. I.e. have to wait until 3.10

Ok thanks so I have nothing to worry about. I can’t wait

I got paid while I was in school. So happy.

Hey Magnesus-

We no longer require the “read phone state permission” with SDK 5.0. Along with eliminating the need for that permission we also added in 5 new interactive video products with SDK 5.0. If you ever want to jump on a call or Skype to discuss strategy let me know. My email is [email protected] and Skype is Cmvincelli.

Yes, I know. Really great change with removing that permisson.

[email protected] do you still handle publisher acuqistions and customer service? I wanted to discuss low fill rate and how to improve it. PM me please

I would also like to know how to improve ECPM on mMedia.
Because my current ecpm on US request for interstitial is 0.07USD which I believe is way way less and even lesser than Banner ECPM of admob.

Sounds like you are having an issues with the “amount of traffic”. The way it works the more you have in terms of traffic the more these adnetworks are willing to please you with eCPM. So 1. How many daily ad impressions do you have? 2. How many total apps? How many ad networks SDK are you running? Please advise

Sounds like you are having an issues with the “amount of traffic”.

Could also just be performance.

From what I understand, MMedia looks for a minimum CTR or else CPM erodes. Which means they are performance based campaigns.

Hi All,

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