Millennial Media Strategy

Hey everyone-

Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any questions on how Millennial can help increase revenue and/or user base. I would also be more than happy to review your current app strategy and discuss how Millennial can help. Just shoot me a private message or post here.


Chris MM

Don’t know if you are a new hire - or if this is the start of a renewed developer focus - but my impression was extremely negative in the sense that never really updated their FAQ after being reminded a number of times about stuff to be added to proguard file for android - as a result we keep hearing from developers who report the SAME issues over and over again.

A company that is not bothered about wasted developer hours is not paying attention in the right places - so it gives a negative impression to the developer that there is unlikely to be much handholding if more serious issues emerged.

I found the eCPM for banner ads to be nothing different from admob - and the full screen ads for were problematic (possibly again because of some proguard etc. type issues). Others here have reported better than admob results for banner ads.

Overall impression is that the company maybe focused too much on the sales etc. side, with scant attention to the developer - I am actually a bit surprised that there are still developers who use - given the huge negative first impression one gets when one tries to integrate - and spends hours doing so - but no real interest from the company in this direction.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the FAQ page still has that proguard incorrect directions - maybe they have updated that.

Hi Anforandroidapps-

I apologize you had a negative first impression with mMedia. Our FAQ page has been updated and our developer tech team is dedicated to answering any questions developers might have in a timely fashion. I sent you a private message with more information.


Chris MM

Did you get my PM? Because I have some trouble sending it (I don’t see it in send items).

I think there is no strategy with MM to get more revenue… why? Numbers for same app:
Admob: around 170 clicks, fill rate 99%, ecpm 0.14$, CTR 0.23% - revenue 10.48$
MM : around 170 clicks, fill rate 67%, ecpm 0.05$, CTR 0.64% - revenue 1.11$

Higher CTR and worse ecpm!? Everybody says “admob is a crap”, I think it is best company with banner ads, only two permissions and they have net30 (MM net65). So can you explain why i have so bad results? After 7 days I have gave up with your company, I am making over 20 mln impressions a month and i hate when company is cheating with dev…

Hey Magnesus-

I received you message and sent you an email.


Chris MM

Hey Kilof-

Thanks for your feedback. I just sent over a private message and look forward to hearing back!

Thanks for your reply - I don’t have any complaints about the rest of your system - it’s just that there seemed to be a lack of manpower at the developer end - as if had gotten someone to write the SDK and then fired them. The rest of the portal seemed ok, payment options etc. all seemed reasonable. And they were otherwise ok in terms of e-mail support (for non-tech stuff).

However for tech the e-mail support seemed unaware of some of the FAQ stuff - which is why I gave my perception of the developer end being weak.

That may have changed now with renewed focus perhaps.

I may try in the future - some folks have said the banner ads do slightly better than admob - though in my apps I got nearly the same eCPM. But if there are interesting ad formats available later (higher paying AppWalls or incentivized AppWalls like Tapjoy etc. that might be of interest).

It seems developers here get the most revenue from StartApp type of solutions and Airpush (though I have not used either yet).

And AppBrain is a reasonable source of revenue for some as well.

Another thing - bigger companies maybe more pragmatic about it - but with small developer outfits, there is a limited amount of time available to test out new networks - when an ad network misses in their first impression it takes much more to reverse that impression. Right now there are a number of developers who have posted on the issues with mmedia - and considerable effort by others to help them out with issues with (I have posted a few posts just dealing with the proguard issues). This is all effort that should have done.

Plus when the network does not seem to pay that also doesn’t help :slight_smile: Net-30 etc. issues also seem to figure prominently for developers in their decisions about networks.

But I guess revenues do trump some of these issues - if was to magically offer something 2x better - though that maybe how most ad networks DO jumpstart or recover from an earlier shock i.e. offer higher revenue (which usually start going down over time - though this could also be because ad networks have limited ad inventory so that goes down as developers start accumulating).

Reasons I only use MMedia for a minor portion of my traffic:

  1. Payment terms are too long (net 65 really isn’t practical for anyone)
  2. Dashboard is too clunky, takes too long to load. Frankly it is a mess, with different tabs everywhere and some things placed in weird directories etc.

I really think you guys need to re-evaluate these factors if you want to remain competitive in today’s mobile market.

I like mMedia. Not sure what else to say except they pay me a lot more than Admob does.

Net 65? You gotta be kidding me. I like how these ad companies give lame reasons for paying us late when they actually ask advertisers to deposit money on prepay before anyone can run ads on their network.

So take money on prepay from advertisers, keep it on interest for 65 days and then pay the poor developer after taking a nice 60-70% cut the total revenue.

Job well done

I’ve had consistently poor performance with MM banners. ECPM rarely goes above $0.20. I thought that this was ad fatigue, so I limimted to 1 impression/hr via mopub, and still not much improvement. It seems like all they serve any of my apps is a single netflix ad. This has been going on for many months.

low ecpm
take less for you and share more with dev, and you will earn more overall
x * 80% < 3 * x * 50%

Hey lmaosoft-

Thank you for your feedback. I sent you a private message and would love to learn more about your app strategy.


Chris MM

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Thank you for your feedback. I sent you a private message with some additional questions.


Chris MM

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Thanks for your feedback! I sent you a private message with further questions.



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Thanks for your feedback! It is much appreciated.


Chris MM

Hey lmaosoft-

Thanks for your feedback! I sent you a private message with additional questions about your ad strategy.



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