Millennial Media Ad Network

Hello everyone,
I have noticed that no body is talking much about Millennial Media in this forum.
I am surprised because Millennial Media is one of the biggest ad networks out there.
I have just integrated the banner ad format and I think their fill rate is pretty good.
Have you ever tried Millennial Media? Is it good for banner ads? How is there ECPM?
Please share your information about Millennial Media with us.

Revenue $3.32 Requests 95,843
Views 43,959 Clicks 133
CTR 0.30% Fill Rate 45.87%
eCPM $0.08
April 1 to April 30
Fill rate is low because it is alongside admob. But mind that the eCPM you see is for banner and interstitials. In short, there is reason why you dont see them in the forums.

Wow it is very bad! I should then stick to Flurry banners:

Flurry Stats:
Impressions 53,934
Clicks 471
CTR 0.87%
eCPM $0.59794
Revenue $32.24938
Requests 137,655
Imp. Fill Rate 39.18%
Fill Rate 58.74%

Hi, Have you used Flurry’s interstitial? if yes, how does it perform?

I use mediation and MM is one of my ad networks. I have mainly US and CA traffic, getting around $.30 CPM for banner and $.85 for static interstitial.

The interstitial ad from Flurry is not performing good. Check below:

Impressions: 12,876
Clicks: 810
CTR: 6.29%
ECPM: $0.90434
Revenue: $11.64422
Requests: 20,992
Imp. Fillrate: 61.34%
Fillrate: 44.79%

Yes, it looks worse compaing with facebook audience network in one of my apps…

Hey people
Did you get your mmedia May earnings cleared ?!
Its almost time for the June earnings and still nothing.There are aboit 2-3 weeks till I get my funds but they are not even cleared.
Is this only for me or ?!

Nothing yet. Delays in payments happen a lot during summer in all networks though.

Also my today stats shows 0. No earnings,no imps or clicks. Never happend to me before.
Are we going to withdraw May earnings till the end of the first week of August ?