Millenium Media. Monthly earnings posting and clicks for 0$

Could you explain me situation with Mmedia?
I have no see my earning for September in section Funds during 25 days. After 15 days I see only 0$ in this section.
From mmedia’s FAQ: Monthly developer earnings will be posted to your funds approximately 15 days after the end of the month.
I send request to support.

They sent me this answer:

Your monthly earnings will be posted to your funds approximately 15 days after the end of the month, but that is after the net-60 day cycle So the net-60 day cycle starts at the end of September, so this means your funds will be recognized at the end of November. 15 days after the end of that month, you will receive your funds.
You can look for your September earnings to come in roughly December 15th. You can look for your October earnings to come in roughly January 15th.

Only today I have see my earnings in section Funds.
Is it normal situation?

And second problem:
Could you explain me the situation that I see in my statistic for 15-16.10.2013?
Is it normal that I have no revenue for 295 clicks (Kazakhstan) and 39 clicks (Kyrgyzstan)?
I asked about it the support but they have no answered me during 7 days.

Сan anyone advise any banner network with a higher eCPM than 0.14-0.2$, which I have now in Millennium Media? And another wishes: the network must support Admob Mediation and payment period is not more than 30-net. Audience - Russia, West Europe and Asia.

Do you solve this problem?I have the same problem, I have earned more than $1000 in the last two month, but the total balance is still zero on the Fund panel!

The same here. I suppose it’s a temporary problem.

Could be because of jumptap joining them. Must be a huge mess in their backend

I have not received any answer from MMedia to my query: “why is price for clicks 0$ ?”. As a result, I moved almost all traffic from MMedia to MobFox, which pay per clicks as expected.
As for the problem with the indicating of earnings in section Funds, I had written in support and my September’s earnings was displayed somewhere on October 25. However, earnings for October have not been indicated yet. Moreover, now earnings for September have status “Funds Cleared” and I see again only zero in Funds. I will again try to write to support MMedia probably they do not read this forum, otherwise they would have explained the situation here.

I already contacted them. That’s the answer I got yesterday:

I checked with our Finance team and it looks like payments will be going out tomorrow at the earliest. We’ve been behind schedule and Finance is looking to catch up. But the funds will be coming within the next few days.
Again, apologies for the inconvenience.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.