Migrating to New admob for India Issue

hello guys , i needed some help regarding migrating to new admob .

  1. What payment currency should i select for payment INR or US$
  2. will i get wire transfer option i select INR as payment currency
  3. as soon as i migrated to new admob will old id stop working
  1. I had selected INR as Indian Bank accept money in Rupees. However , don’t know whether money conversion fee will be applicable if payment mode is Rupee default.

  2. Depends totally on previous payment method.
    Paypal = Cheque Only
    Wire Transfer = Wire Transfer

If you want wire transfer option , make sure you change your payment setting to Wire Transfer in old admob before importing. Once imported, the payment option can’t be changed.

  1. They will be working fine but upgrading to New Google SDK might result in increased revenue.

Do let us know how did your upgrade process gone and what payment option did you get?

pls teel me what are the steps needed for upgrading to new admob for indians, i am using paypal in old admob for now, and i dont have adsense account…can someone pls write those step by step…all this is very confusing…

In my case, there was a UPGRADE option in admob panel. I too didn’t had an adsense account and my upgrade was successful without any worries. Just click on the Upgrade option , however you would be limited to payment by Cheque as you are using paypal in old admob for now. I upgraded last month so don’t know if new payment option has been added or not. Do let us know your experience how it did went.

then i have to update my app also??

thank u for the reply and help bumpy444, i have one more question i am trying to use the new google play service(GPS) sdk for admob with my app but i have a problem that whenever i call loadad it gives me error that too many background threads running exception i.e greater than 10 which is the limit.
i am calling 3 banner ad 1 interstitial and 1 startapp ad and still getting this error and banners ad are not loading sometime , interstitial ads and startapp ad are loading almost everytime

Don’t know cause I still hadn’t updated my apps with Google Play SDK on play store. Why don’t you raise this question on Admob forum. http://groups.google.com/group/google-admob-ads-sdk/topics

I have upgraded to new Admob.

But my new revenue updates are not visible at all on new Admob. I can see all my apps visible on new admob.
Analytics are working as well.

Though old admob is updating is regularly.

Kindly suggest what to do to see the revenue visible on new admob.

i have also upgraded to new admob.
earnings are currently showing zero…and my app is showing in new admob…lets wait for a day or two to see if new admob updates…

It started updating for me in new admob now. old admob shows only old data and does not get latest revenue update.

One question:-
I was using mobile app to know the quick revenue. It uses API beta feature in old admob. it does not work for new admob.
any idea how to make it work for new admob.

today i set my form of payment also in new admob/adsense…wire transfer to bank account…at what time of month payments are processed in new admob?

Yes. i an too unaware of this.
had asked it in one of the theads.

did not get any answer yet.

i read somewhere in help section that that for new admob payment processing begins around 23-24 of each month…but i am not sure

That’s correct. Previous month earnings are being wired to my HDFC account on 23rd every month (given it is a weekday)

Just use official AdSense app by Google. It shows new admob data ; i don’t have active adsense account, so do not know will it work for u or not …