Micro CPU Monitor

Hey all,

Yesterday I released a new app which people might be interested in. It’s called “Micro CPU Monitor”.

It’s a very tiny CPU monitor - only one pixel high. The goal is to give people a way to keep and eye on their CPU usage, without the distraction of a large overlay, or a notification icon which clutters up the system tray.


The app sits in one corner the screen, on top of whatever app you’re using. At one pixel tall, it’s small enough to remain un-noticed during everyday tasks, unless you’re actually looking for it.

Feel free to give it a whirl, and let me know what you think. I’ve got a few feature updates planned, but thought I’d throw it out there to get some feedback. Are you likely to use this app? If so, what sort of features would be nice / necessary?

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It’s great - very handy to see. The only thing I would say is that because of how my phone uses it’s CPU (massive spikes, then down to nothing, then big spike - no idea if this is common) I wasn’t sure at first which way I should be reading it - i.e. which way was used and which was idle. I’ve got it now, but it might be handy to just say “this colour is the amount used, and the other colour is the amount idle” or somesuch in the description (and if it’s already there, I’m sorry for not reading properly :slight_smile: )

I like it. Completely unobtrusive and present for all but fullscreen apps. I’ll echo the colour comment though. Maybe the “not used” colour should be more neutral rather than one of the big hitters (green/red).

Comes in handy when running multiple applications. Installed and rated!

Thanks all for the feedback! Wow, this thread got buried under all the new app submissions pretty fast…

I published a new update recently, with a whole heap of new settings to choose from. As part of this update, I’ve also clarified the different between “foreground” and “background” colors, and changed the default colors to something more reasonable.

New features:

  • Foreground & Background colors
  • Start on boot
  • Transparency
  • Display above status bar
  • Full-screen Width

The app can now be downloaded from Google Play and AppBrain.

Much happier with the colour options. This is turning out to be really handy for quickly eyeballing CPU peaks in my apps.

Just been updating my phone setup and had a play with this again. The more I use it, the more I’m taken with it. Such a simple idea, just configurable enough and handy to boot.

Glad to hear you’re finding it useful. It’s become invaluable for my day-to-day usage now - even if I do say so myself :wink: Now when I’m using an app and it hangs up for a second or two, I find myself automatically glancing to see what the CPU usage is like.

From my own usage and others feedback, I think the main features needed are configurable height, vertical option, and multi-core CPU support. I’ve had a look at supporting the dual-core Galaxy S II, but for some reason it only seems to be reporting one virtual CPU. Could be a trifle difficult.

Just published another update over the weekend, incorporating a lot of user feedback.

Micro CPU Monitor v3.1
[li]Multi-core CPU support (dual core, quad core & above)
[/li][li]Visual improvements
[/li][li]Option for Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left orientation
[/li][li]Stability & Efficiency improvements
Also added a PRO Key which unlocks the following features:
[li]Customizable Height
[/li][li]Customizable Update Speed
As always, it would be great to hear your feedback. How do you like the new updates? Is this the best way to display multi-core CPUs? How could it be improved in future versions?

Download Free: Google Play | AppBrain
Download PRO Key: Google Play | AppBrain

Note: For the curious devs out there, here’s how to detect multi core CPUs

I really like this app. Works well with my dual core Droid Bionic. Was always wondering if that 2nd core was being used hehe. Now I know.

Hi David,
I did a review of this very nice app:
Micro CPU Monitor : Keep an eye on CPU usage | Tech Cookies

I hope you like it! :slight_smile: