Mediation network

Looking for a good mediation network which supports S2S ads…tried mopub but not satisfied with the reports and their dashboard…is there any other mediation network supports s2s and good reputation

AerServ uses S2S for some of their ad sources. Depends who you want to plug into.

What didn’t you like about Mopub’s dashboard/reporting?

Sorry to say,but what is S2S ads?

Server-to-server. Just configure it in the dashboard (ad units, etc) and instantly get ads.

That’s one type of third-party ad network integration. Ad Mediation networks like MoPub support two types: Server-to-Server or SDK integration. Server-to-Server can be done through the dashboard itself, while SDK integration would require bundling an adapter, either pre-built or custom, for that ad network with your app.

S2S means the networks which are already listed in the mediation panel and only their ad units need to be mentioned in the dashboard?

if yes, then i am aware of this. was not aware of if this is what S2S is :slight_smile:

Yes,i know custom adapters as well.


With over 800 posts here, I’m sure nobody doubts that :slight_smile: