Mediation + Adobe air _ admob

Hello guys

I want to use admob mediation with others ad networks but my problem is that I use adobe air and a lot of ad network dosen’t have any ANE plugin. I was wondering if you know a company/software who is not an ad network and would work for ad mediation with admob and others ad network.

The reason why I don’t want to use an ad network to use mediation is that they will force their inventory first and I don’t want that. I would use admob mediation only as ad network but not much ad network have the adobe air plugin. I’m trying to find a solution if any solution exist.

Let me know

What apps are you making?

We are making game apps

Fuse is one of the best mediation platforms around for games. They cater to Air as well. Check them out - Fuse Powered | We help mobile game and app publishers make more money every day

I ddn’t know that company… Do you use them yourself? Do they accept admob?

I work for them. I don’t have any game apps myself, but I can see the performance of other games. Besides, you were asking for a mediation network that does Adobe Air and it does exactly that. The rest will depend on the quality of your game. Try it out and see for yourself.


I believe we’ve been speaking via Skype but just to let everyone else know, AerServ mediation offers an adobe air plugin along with other popular framework plugins. Additionally we support many top ad network such as Admob, Vungle, iAds, InMobi, AdColony and many more.

Feel free to PM me if you’re interested in checking our platform out or simply create a free account on our site:


Please can you tell me some games that use Fuse ?

Don’t know which games specifically use Air. However, Dumb Ways to Die 1, 2 and Hungry Shark are using Fuse.