MaxxSpy - Spy cell phone for Android

MaxxSpy is a spying software for Android.

MaxxSpy is very easy to use, you can start spying just by some simple steps:

  • Install the software

  • Bind the target phone with your account (free to create)

That’s all, now every activities on the target phone will be collect and sent to your account on a timely interval.

Quick Features List:

[i]• Monitor all calls made and received

• Real time GPS location of the phone

• Track and record text messages SMS

• Track whatapps, viber, facebook and yahoo

• Have access to the entire contacts list

• View photos stored on the phone

• Record Apps Usage

• Remotely Adjust Setting

• Backup & Download to Excel

• Track Internet Browsing History

• Free update

• Data are highly encoded

• 24/7 support

And MORE……………[/i]

You can download at

Supported Phones: Anrdoid: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2

Hope this help!

If you want to track someone via cell phone, I think you should choose MaxxSpy. It is a You know MaxxSpy software yet? If not yet, then you go to google to find out about it. I think MaxxSpy would be an effective solution to answer your question. I’m using this software, and it gave me the surprise effect. It’s great!monitoring software is very effective, and is free to use again. I’m using this software, I feel very excited with what it brings. It’s like solving a burden in my life.
Thanks for Snapdragon0203 Sharing !

Well, I will mostly depend on the Google’s Android Device manager for tracking my phone !! Wouldn’t consider this even as an option !! :stuck_out_tongue: and the next thing is this is not the place to showcase your application. So, I dislike this post !!

If you want to monitor or track your kids, employees or loved ones real time activities then I highly recommend Softwaremee as the best android phone monitoring software. I have used this software and I found this really useful. Know I don’t have to monitor my children so I removed this software but it really work well.

Does it work? If yes, than It will be an amazing app for parents who want to conrol their children or maybe you suspect somebody, as example your boy/girl-friend.