Massive Increase in Airpush Smartwall eCPM ?

Look at this chart…this is happening in all of my 34 apps that I have between 3 different Airpush accounts (sorry Airpush, lol).
Ever since Airpush launched the new developer portal a few days ago, my SmartWall eCPM has been skyrocketing – it was around $.30 eCPM and now it is ranging between $1.50 - 2.50 eCPM which is nearly a 10x increase !!!

I contacted support to see if it was temporary or another Airpush reporting issue, and they told me they made improvements to the SmartWall ad serving and that I should expect the eCPM’s to stay around here or increase further. If it stays at this level for another week or two I’m going to switch all my interstitial traffic to Airpush SmartWall because at these rates it’s crushing the performance of my other interstitials.

IS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCING THIS ??? Would love to see charts of other people’s SmartWall eCPM so we can compare notes. I hope it’s not just me because then it probably means it’s some glitch or something.


I am getting around $1.85
Are you using dialog ads in smartwall?

I too have noticed a strong increase in CPM over past 2 days for smartwall. My CPM was stuck at around $.40 all of May and June but am seeing it at around $1.50 now (not lucky enough to get $2.50 like you!)

Anyways its about time they made some changes to their ad unit because I def was not happy with the CPM. Hoping my CPM continues to increase and be steady…fingers crossed!

Very interesting info javaexp and devo1985 – seems like we’re all in the same boat !!!
Exciting stuff, let’s hope it lasts. As I posted, Airpush support claims it’s not just a temporary spike. They also tell me that with the new developer portal there won’t be any further reporting issues, which would be a frigging miracle if true…their reporting issues have been so frustrating.

sorry javaexp I forgot to answer your Q – I’m using all of the SmartWall subformats so yes that includes dialog ads. they told me it’s best to use all of the subformats and allow it to auto-optimize between the dialog ads, rich media, video, appwall, etc.

mine is still $0.18. did you guys updated to the latest SDK?

I am seeing an increase since the last 3 days…yesterday it was about 3x times usual(past month average of $0.7)…

I think the reason might be that they suddenly started showing smartwalls…Earlier there were only dialog adds…users must be clicking on ads in smartwall since they are seeing it after a long time…I am not sure,just a theory…

hmm @androiddev it’s wierd that everyone else in this thread saw the dramatic rise except for you. i bet you the issue is either that your traffic is all from a very low CPM country like china or india, OR that you haven’t selected all the subformats in the developer portal, OR you are calling it incorrectly from your app.
@amalvj123 interesting theory. i’ve been monitoring the SmartWall ads in some of my apps and i honestly can’t tell any difference in the ad serving at least with my naked eye. the only theory i had was that i’ve been now seeing Rich Media and Video Ads showing a bit which was part of the latest SDK release. BUT i didn’t see this eCPM increase after updating to SDK 6.0, so i don’t think my theory is too plausible. i have no clue what’s driving this!

yes most of my traffic is from cheap india. i just checked the reports again and noticed there is an increase in ecpm. i mean earlier it was $0.007 and now it’s like $0.20

Well that´s good news, too bad i don´t use their Smartwall has they never performed well for me :(. But i do use their push and icon ads and still waiting to their CPM going back to their glorious days!

Yeah massive increase on all my apps too. They have also completely revamped their Dashboard?!

Yep almost a week ago, lets hope this is the end of reporting problems

I need to check data more regularly then haha! Yeah let’s hope so.

in the past week since they’ve launched the new developer portal I haven’t had a single reporting issue. sadly, that’s the first week I can EVER remember where Airpush didn’t have a reporting problem, LOL.
today my smartwall eCPM’s have ticked up even higher…really interesting.

Yes their dashboard is easy on the eyes :slight_smile: glad they finally upgraded their platform - it was way overdue. I too haven’t had any reporting issues yet but again we’ll have to see what happens. On a happy note my CPM is still increasing currently at $1.76 today which is a huge increase from June. WOOT WOOT.

i’d be curious to know aside from the UI refresh, what actual technical changes they made in the backend to stabilize the stats. probably something we’ll never know :wink:
would be nice for them to share the info so others could learn. i saw the article about them on pandodaily today, which shows clearly they’ve had insane growth so i think they didn’t build their systems scalable from the start and probably had to rip everything out as they couldn’t keep up with their own growth. i remember Twitter had a similar situation, and same with Tumblr. but then other services like Quora and FB are built correctly from the start to handle massive scale.
if anyone remembers Admob and Millenial Media back in 2010, they crashed almost daily however Inmobi would never ever crash.

Maybe better ads… look at partners on main page, Mazda, Toyota, LG, Amazon - before I saw only LG in big partners.

Can read this: How AirPush bootstrapped its mobile ad network to $150M in revenue | PandoDaily

This is ok with Delug, who concedes that notification-tray ads are unlikely to be the future of mobile advertising.

And i guess they can make it high for the future of Airpush

I will be more than happy if they turn into legitimate ad company (without push ads) with high eCPM for developers but I have a feeling this bump is eCPM has to do with their PR Campaign (Hope I am wrong).

Same here. My SmartWall eCPM has been popping too… fingers crossed it sticks!