Massive Drop in Amazon downloads?

Did anyone else get a drop in Amazon downloads yesterday? I have an app that’s regularly (for a couple of months anyway) been getting 700+ a day, and 1200 at the weekend. The lowest downloads a day have been about 700.

Yesterday though, this dropped to 194 in the day. I can’t particularly see any bad reviews that have prompted this loss - did anyone else have a big drop in downloads, or was I just unlucky on this day?


Yes, I’ve just checked and my app normaly making 200 has only 95 now and other have 1-8 while they used to have 20-100.

I also see Amazon download drop

Fantastic figures. :slight_smile: Do you do any kind of promotion or are your apps just so popular?


No, no promotion. I make revenue from advertising only in my apps, so I don’t see the point in paying for additional adverts. I think I just managed to make one that luckily was popular, the others are downloaded far more infrequently on Amazon about 10 a day.

Although the app that I said was being downloaded 700 times a day is now down to 300 a day.

Thanks for answering. Max. downloads per day I ever reached was 400, but that was the peak, and now, a few months later, is down to 200 or so per day. What propelled my memory training game (from 50 or so downloads per day) was some free advertising I got on AppZoom for signing up as a developer. The funny thing is that the effect last.