Massive drop in AdMob revenue over the past few days. Looking for explanation


Since the 28th of March, my adMob revenue rpm has dropped from $1.15 to $0.45, with actual revenues dropping over 70%.

I also noticed that since this drop, my position in the search results has completely changed. I used to be the first two results when searching for my app by name, now only my FREE version shows up in the top results. (I also used to have a top 10 slot in the “Clock live wallpaper” search query, in Canada)

If you are interested in seeing the apps in question, you can find them here:

What could have prompted this sudden drop in ranking? And more importantly this drop in rpm?

PS: I did lower the frequency of full screen interstitial ads, but that would only explain a drop in impressions and revenue, not in RPM (right?)

Thank you!

weird my airpush revenue dropped in half as well since the 28th.

My admob revenue dropped too. In my case caused by a cpm drop.

I too am noticing massive revenue drops, but my rankings didn’t change. I have several apps in top 10 results for various keywords. Google Analytics also doesn’t who less new users and impression count is roughly the same. But the earnings are down 30%-40% for the last few days. This is now lasting almost a week.

EDIT: I use AdMob banners and interstitials only.

Seeing a big drop in RPM past few days now too. Nothing changed on my end of things.
Not good.

I just wish that GP could be a more serious business, with more clarity, and not keeping us publisher constantly on our toes.

BIG DROP for me today. So sad.

Tell me about it…

No such thing as passive revenue I guess.

Update: rpm + revenues + rankings still in free-fall!

Same here - sickening drops today.

Same with me, massive massive drop. Really frustrating but I have a feeling it may be a reporting error if this many people are experiencing this issue.

I also saw a thread on reddit yesterday where developers were experiencing this issue. A few people there said it was a reporting issue that corrected itself after a few days. Hoping that is actually what’s going on here.

I see more impressions almost every day, CTR, clicks are almost the same. The only drop is in RPM (so in revenue). So, I don’t think, that it is an issue. Probably they cut the revenue % for the developers.

We will see in a week probably…

Last days I saw a drop in RPM, but yesterday I got an important drop in Impressions.

Also huuuge drop today (~ 90%). 1st of April prank? :wink:

I hope so too, that it is only a reporting issue. I’m only on 1/6th of my earnings, while every other stat is normal (downloads, rating, rankings,…).

Same here.
The drop in RPM not in impressions number.
I hope we could get explanation from Google.

I have a drop in impressions -60% but rpm is better than normal

Huge drop in rpm since last week. From 10$au a day to around 1.50.
Also one of my apps went from no.12 in the search results to not showing at all.
I wish Google would be more professional in running gp.

did you lower the interstitial ads before or after the drop? maybe it’s related, don’t know

I noticed mine too - impression doubled but ecPm only $0.14… ???

I was checking the stats for today every few hours. The values for the impressions increased rapidly until mid afternoon. After that the values started decreasing, which is impossible. This must be an April Fool’s joke. :mad: