What is difference between direct marketing and branding ?

Direct marketing is a specific technique where you reach out to potential customers via mail, catalogs, flyers, emails… Basically, you don’t use a retailer to distribute your products or services. Rather, you reach out to customers directly, hence the name.
Branding, on the other hand, is an all-encompassing strategy that influences how the world sees your business. Every interaction you have with employees, customers, leads, and the public contributes to your brand’s image and reputation. Brand building should be done consistently and deliberately across all of your marketing techniques to be most effective.

Both Direct Marketing and Branding are different things but their main principle is advertising communication.
Direct Marketing refers to promotion. The goal of direct marketing is to generate the lead in the market.
Branding means doing marketing with the use of the Brand name in which promoters or advertisers try to establish a distinct and impacting message about its brand’s benefits.

Direct Marketing means marketing which is used to generate immediate sales and to drive traffic. Direct Marketing includes Calls To Action that urge consumers to take quick action to get in on a good value or low price.

Branding means behind a company and its products that shines through in its symbols and slogans. But, Direct marketing without branding is less than effective.

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