Marketing Your Mobile App | Promote Your Mobile App

Hello friends,i am telling you about marketing your mobile app. this app is the process for promoting apps in the market and it is only way to get maximum downloads and feedback from users.thanks for sharing…

This is great but what you think about app store optimization. It is also a good option to increase app download.

Cooperating with app marketing agencies is an effecient way to promote app, but it will cost your a large amount of money. You can promote your app with the following methods by yourself.

Boost App Ranking in the App Stores
Because overe 65% users discover new apps by scaning or searching in the app stores, and most of them just browsing the top 10 apps, then boost app ranking is one of the most efficient way to promote app. You can boost your app ranking with the following methods:
[li]App Store optimization.ASO helps to boost your app ranking, be searched and known by more potential users. You can do it by optimizing your app keywords, title, description and screenshots. [/li][li]Buy app keyword search installs - One of the most efficient way to boost app ranking, boost app ranking in 8~10 hours.[/li][li]Boost Retention: The number of people who uninstall your app vs. the amount who keep it within 30 days also affects rankings. [/li][li]Update your App Regularly. Updating app can increase app ranking temporarily.[/li][/ul]
Cooperate with Influencers
Most people are tend to follow the behavior of inefulencers, if the infuencers recommend your app, then most of their fans will download your app without hesitation. These people may include influential bloggers, newspaper journalists, professional tech writers in social network like Facebook or Twitter.

Get app positive reviews
Encouraging your users to review your app with special rewards. There is no harm in getting as many review as possible. A large amount of reviews makes your app look popular and as a result, more people will download it. What’s more, these app with much more positive reviews rank much higher than others. You can also buy app reviews from review provider, which will not cost you too much, but boost your app downloads and ranking efficiently.

Hope the 3 methods are useful to you.

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