Marketing - what 'geo' / how / how long

Good evening folks,

I want to open a discussion on how to market an app that has a global reach (this is not relevant for ones that are country specific) and gets its earnings purely via ads (no in app, no “full/pro” version).

What I have learned from AppBrain is that campaigns that get a 400+ installs in Egypt or 3000 globally in a day are achievables with a CPI of $0.25. On the other hand getting 100 in US was not possible with $1 CPI. Getting the money back from users in ad supported app is a different story. I see CPMs of both >$1 and $0.03 [Banners] depending on the country.

What are your thoughts. Do you try to get initial users from a “Tier 1” country, from few countries, globally? Or do you target “Tier 3” countries. Or just a single “Tier 3” country with intent to rank high in one.

Also - do you plan for a short burst campaign to get users within 2-3 days or rather within a week? two weeks? month? (I believe month is the maximum in Google Play unless you have a clear EarningPerUser calculated and set a CPI that is lower than this calculated value).

Thanks for any comments, enjoy your weekend.

i think if u trying to get to top free rankings go with 1-2 week goal. 3days is way too expensive. if u get in top in 1 week u have 3 weeks promotion (rank dont drop so much if u get less downloads). keep it in top but not top 3 its too expensive.
u can also try long term aquisition of users and slowly but cheaply get new users.
and dont try to play like big guys, be smart and creative.
dunno about expensive campaigns but did few small.

btw u can minimize ur costs by using 2-3 different types of marketing. and do some calculations before starting

how do you calculate that “1-2 week goal” ?

u check how many downloads competitors have and how long their apps are on store. then you estimate their daily downloads too. with this u know how much downloads u have to get to be high. if u have that kind of money u try. and in appbrain u have this bid optimizer, after 2 days of trying cheap bids u can estimate how much do u need to promote ur app.

its not precise method but its better to plan before spending money. when you get some experience you will get better at this.

btw i tried this steady method, I was getting about 50dls daily from advertising and every day (till some point ) top new rank was better.

Ok I understand that I can estimate how many downloads I need. But how to estimate the bid height in choosen country. What bid and what country you’ve set to achieve 50downloads daily. 50 is kinda low

u just throw some cash and test it, then u make bid higher or lower depending what do u want to achieve. u cant know it if u dont test it unless someone tells you

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