Marketing past first 30 days

So we all know that first 30 days are very important in our apps life. But what to do after those thirty days? How can we market our app after it falls out of top new free list? Any ideas?

That´s a good question, you see the problem is visibility, so or you have a great app that is blowing the charts or with time it will get less and less downloads, that´s why some developers create new accounts and release the same apps over and over again so they can always have apps that are on the top new free category. That´s an easy solution but a dangerous one if you get users from places like reddit to report you.

I have come across that question so many times and i always conclude that the answer is to create an outstanding app, so you can acquire users at a certain value close to the expected return. I think the one man army days are long gone, its time to work in teams and try to make spectacular apps…

There is an app named DU Battery app which is not like angry birds. Just a simple battery app with cool graphics and widget. I see it being advertised a lot in admob, leadbolt and airpush and guess what I see it as rank#3 in top free (not top new free)

We agree then, the path to the rankings seems to be paid advertisement. BUt simple does not mean it is not outstanding, though i have to admit that app can be made by just 1 person. “Exception confirm the rule” they say?? heheh

I just can´t imagine how much did he have to spend to get where he is right now. Possibly $10000 or more!

Wait a minute i just saw an airpush ad about the DU Battery App he is still advertising? Damn! How is he making it profitable???

can you not just update your app and market it again to get into the top new free?

Updating the app will not put it back on the top new free since the app has been on the store for more then 30 days. There was a section in the old days of Google Play days called “Just In” where new/updated apps were shown, but Google killed that because developers were exploiting it to much.

I have it installed and the latest update has a so called “ToolBox” screen where I see icons for WeChat, FlashLight app and 2-3 more apps. So he must be getting in touch with top apps publishers for some money or cross promotion.

That is possible and very effective I would assume. Maybe we could make some sort of alliance ourselves and exchange downloads for each others apps for free?

On the other hand I think what can be done is putting some of your revenues back into app marketing, I see that the new admob does not have the option to roll your earnings into your marketing budget? I remember I used to do that in the old admob…

This is pure business reasons. This way, they can show more money coming into Google and therefore total income is better (good for share price)…