Marketing Headaches - Your thoughts

Hello All!

I am 2 weeks from releasing a new app to the Android market and I have a few questions. With my first app, The Booth Rap Studio I barely did any marketing (maybe spent a max of $200) and its been ranked in the Top 100 music category for over a year now with revenue of about 5k a month.

I have read that I need to do marketing on the new app. Right now I am going to cross promote from within my app and also do my own admob house ads. I have been in talks with but their prices are kind of high. Has anyone used them?

My app is not a game, its going to be a video/music social app and I was just wanting suggestions on where to go next. My goals for the first 30 days are:

  • Top 25 music category

One more thing, on my last app I only released it to english speaking countries. Is this bad practice? At first I was scared that too many downloads would be too much for my server but it held up pretty good but I also have yet to localize my new app.


Great revenue. Well done!

With promotion the key thing is making sure you’re showing your ads to the right people. Honestly I have no interest in rap music and let assume the majority X% don’t either. If you target the wrong people you’re wasting money.

Look at where your downloads are coming from and localize it based on that. Its well worth it in my opinion. The vast majority of my users are non-english and most of those will have come from localization. If your app is a community/social then ask your users to help you translate it as it gets them involved and you get it for free! I have 18 languages and 14 of those were by users.