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Marketing budget for starting up a brand

SO, I am building a brand of products in wellness niche. Now its relatively small niche and my profit margins are huge, but i don’t have enough starting money for big marketing campaign. Will 2000$ for first month be adequate adds testing and optimization? I can easily afford CPA of 5$ up to 8$ depending on product and still have nice profit.

Goal is to learn and build customer base and scale slowly, not to start big.

Thanks for your answers!

In my opinion, how much budget you spend depends on your marketing strategy.

I would tell you that good marketing does not depend so much on the amount of money you spend. Good and necessary service always comes first. No marketing will help a company that does something nobody needs and is interested in and does that bad.
You need to make something people would like, and then they will tell you about their friends, family, etc. this is how basic marketing works. Then you can opt for online marketing on platforms like Instagram that would show your ads to the target audience that will more probably go and buy something from you.
So the leading change simulations are the love of your customers and your stakeholders, which will be sure that your business is profitable.