Marketing a live wallpaper.

I have seen many live wallpapers with more than 10,000 downloads on paid version. I have made a 3d live wallpaper with Unity. I have a few questions,
*Is a free version on live wallpaper worth it? I mean we cant make much money from Ads in a live wallpaper app. My live wallpaper doesn’t have much in settings, I doubt users would go into settings more than once. :stuck_out_tongue:
*Where can I market a paid live wallpaper?
Any help would be good. ThankYou :slight_smile:

  1. Integrate PPD to increase the revenue for live wallpapers Apps

  2. Go for paid publicity. spend some $1000 per month on ads

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I can invest $150-200 max, I just published the live wallpaper, only paid version for now. What is the criteria to be featured by google, do they look at the number of installs?

Sorry, they will most likely never feature a live wallpaper unless it was exceptional in design and style!

What do you mean by “featured by Google”?

Do you mean by admob ads?

Like ‘Play Pick Apps’, there are a few live wallpapers in this list, that too new ones, one of them has only 100 downloads, at least in my country, and same in the ‘Personalization’ section. How does google select apps for those sections?

Finally it is visible on Play Store: Here
I don’t know whether people will like it or not :stuck_out_tongue:
And even if I do invest $150 in marketing the free version, not all people will download it right?
I dont see good ROI here.
I mean people will click on it but not all will download it, only a few will actually download it. Really confused, I am a newbie :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a live wallpaper called “falling rain” or something like that. Its like the matrix screen saver. Its the best live wallpaper I’ve seen so far. Be careful, there are two live wallpapers in the marketplace with that name.