Marijuana Users (THC)

I see we have a CBD discussion here, but I know I’m not the only person who smokes the old fashioned! I’ve been a heavy daily user for over a decade and don’t really know cycling (or daily life) without it, but don’t know how it affects me as a cyclist. I know it’s supposed to help with inflammation, but wondering about other effects it may have, both positive and negative. Sometimes I’ll smoke after a ride, sometimes before a ride (although not a hard ride), no real method to the madness here.

I’ve gotten to a decent fitness level as is, and I don’t intend to stop smoking anytime soon at least until I have kids in a few more years, so just wondering to hear from others about their use or perhaps what they found when they stopped using. I know some of you higher level guys and gals probably have to get tested for certain events, so curious about that as well.

Of course not everyone will want to openly engage in this type of discussion, but I’m sure we all have “a friend” who we can reference in the topic. I hope with the way laws are changing, we can at least have this discussion here, but if not then feel free to delete.

Dependence appears, which is the higher, the younger the person begins to smoke. The herb can also exacerbate symptoms and worsen the condition in people with psychotic disorders. And marijuana use, especially during adolescence, may increase the risk of future psychiatric disorders. Smoking cannabis also has negative effects on the respiratory system. Therefore, it is best not to smoke weed, but to use thc in another form, such as delta 9 gummies. They contain a lower ratio of thc + negative effect on the respiratory system is much less.

I bought weed from a pretty early age, and I have to admit it was pretty fun, but over time I started to feel the scornful looks on me, even though it is legalized in my state. I wasn’t comfortable with it, so I decided to switch to using a vape. And I’m more than happy with that decision. The effect is the same, but there are many times fewer disdainful looks. Also, I buy vape liquid at and mix it with marijuana oils. This mix is very pleasant to use, and the vape liquid is of high quality, reducing the possibility of vaping addiction.