many Google play account Send Money Same Paypal Account

I have about 8 Google Play Account each one have it’s own Admob account , with each account different email , but all those emails connect to same Paypal account …

is Google Play will know all this account to same user ?

I guess no, but doesn’t it mean that you possibly cheat on taxes this way? Because AdMob sends money to someone called differently than you ?

They will come for you someday early morning. That might suxx :slight_smile:

Given Google’s ability to link Google Play accounts so well, I would assume that a duplicate Paypal e-mail address through several accounts would easily be spotted.
You might get lucky though, its a grey area I’d imagine.

They have many other ways of finding duplicate accounts. When they do, and they will, they will delete all of them.

you should have really taken the pain to create 8 paypal accounts too and should ideally be working on 8 different computers with each one having its own unique ip address. These 8 computers should never open the any google service for any of your other account except the account for which this computer is dedicated to.

I use same Computer with different IP address and deleted cookies ,new MAK Address <<< is this OK ?

Is it in Admob policy?
I used an email to register Admob and Google Play, after google banned Google Play, Admob still work fine.
Why that guy need change his paypal email?

do you use some virtualization software like VMWare?

No Same PC , but i clear every thing

But this Week only close 2 of my accounts , one of them before i add any apps

The deleted your account without anything on it?!??! Did you ever login to it?

Is it true that MAC address is stored inside APK file by Eclipse? There were rumors like that.

I don’t know that. I doubt it.