Manipulating Search by imbedding keywords inside app?

When I search Freemason Live Wallpaper on google play I see these apps high in searches but do not contain freemason or live wallpaper inside their descriptions, how are they doing this?

Go ahead and search your self and you will find these battery booster and volume booster apps highly ranked.

most of these seems to come from one person using multiple accounts, I notice these same apps in many search results but the terms I search are not in their app descriptions, so are they manipulating by placing ton of keywords inside the apps themselves?

Also a few of those apps force users to rank the app before they can use the app.

These are just new ramzixp’s methods for sure:P Or at least the same guy, who earlier published volume boosters (it was loud about them some time ago). You can check that some methods name are the same

After decompiling and looking at code - it’s definately ramzixp’s apps:)

And of course in most of them he is just asking for ratings etc. But he put a lot of keywords in description. You don’t see it? What country you live in? He deleted it in most popular languages (because afraid of ban), but in less popular - he put a lot of keywords. See: Battery Life Widget for Android . There is about few hundreds of most popular keywords…

What tool do you use to decompile?

Let me google that for you

the English pages there wasn’t anything for keywords in description, but still came up in searches

yes, because other’s languages pages have impact on the searches, even if in your language these keywords aren’t included.

Doing this gets your app banned really fast. Notice how the apps you linked to are mostly already banned :slight_smile:

Exactly. Good that GP is fighting with such spam apps. But it’s bad that it takes so long… These apps were about a month and had more than 100k downloads…

It’s not my, but my apps from sold workspace :wink: I tested these keywords methods and …not works. This guy had to pay for downloads on start, some 20-30k in first day after publish. Decompiled it also and I can’t find any house ads or something similar.