Mandy Candy - Free Game.


Start Collecting Candies, its Extreme Fun With 22 Exciting Levels.
Collect Candies in Barrel, Avoid Collecting Falling Bombs (Mandy) in Barrel. Score is Credited With 5 Points Each Time When Candy is Collected and Score is Reduced By 10 Points Each Time When Bomb (Mandy) Hits Barrel.
Collect As Much As Candies You Can Till Clock Timer Turns To Zero, and Unlock More Exciting Levels.

SWIPE fast as you can and Collect Candies.
DODGE the Falling Bombs (Mandy).

★ Beautiful graphics.
★ Swipe Controls.
★ Lots of Delicious Candies.
★ Crazy Bombs (Mandys).
★ Increasing Difficulty in Each Level.
★ Complete Fun in Playing.
★ Achievements
★ Leaders board
★ More Exciting Levels.

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