Malaria Mosquito Predator Slay


Have you ever been attacked by a mosquito? Especially during hot summer days when the bites of that predator make you feel so horrible, causing your skin to get itchy and giving the feeling as if your whole body is in flame! We want to show you that justice still exists in this world, because you now have a great chance to slay those mosquitoes one after another!

Malaria mosquito predator slay app can serve as a perfect antimosquito repellent for your previous sufferings due to those causers of malaria. As soon as you open the app, you will see the nice lake surrounded with green bamboos. Suddenly, not giving you time to enjoy that view, there will appear big and annoying mosquitoes and fly around your screen.

So, do not lose any time and start to squish them as soon as possible! Your goal in this game is to squish as many mosquitoes as possible and perform the duty of a sentry against those predators. The more you slay the more points you will earn and go to the next level. In this tournament, you will enjoy every single squash by which you kill the mosquitoes.

However, it is very important to be cautious while fighting with those malaria mosquitoes, because from time to time there may appear a cute little beaver, which may get hurt from your hits. So be very careful and take care of that sweet animal.

As you figured, the rules of this game are really very easy: just squish and slay as many malaria mosquitoes as possible in order to reach the highest score possible! Please also keep in mind that not everything on the screen is meant to be killed. For example: that adorable brown beaver.

The tips to have this addicting game app are as follows: get an internet connection to download this game, one click to install the downloaded game to your phone and another click to start enjoying it!

Hurry up to get this latest app, which will entertain you to the fullest! Take your revenge on the predator mosquitoes for all your sufferings during summer days and scare them to death, so that they will not even dare to come close to you again!