Making more CA$H with your Android apps with ArrKii

Hello Android Developers

This is Greg from ArrKii. We are offering developers higher eCPM/ARPU than most monetisation platforms.

Arrkii has been working with direct advertisers, major networks globally and we have great coverage of offers.

  • Our system does not compute eCPM, instead we use ARPU; we care for the revenues each active user could bring to you rather than the impressions.
  • Fill rate in SEA, US, EU, LATAM is over 90%+;

This SDK is specifically for Apps that are NOT published on Google Play,

  • If you have apps that published on 3rd party store,
  • If your users download your apps through apk
    Arrkii would be the perfect choice for you to monetise.

However, we will not compromise the user experience. If you have lots of users who install your apps through apk file, then our SDK is totally for you. With every 100K daily active users, we can deliver you $300+ on a daily basis.

Ad formats: Interstials/ Full Screen.
Payment terms: Net 30
Payment through wire transfer.

Do not know why I cant upload screenshot images, for more details plz contact my Skype: greg.bay7

How would this work.

Process #1- Contact Me at Skype: Greg.bay7;
Process #2- There will be a dedicated Account Manager to help you open an account in the Arrkii system;
Process #3- We will send you the SDK documentations, Pub_id, App_id, Login by mail;
Process #4- Integrate the SDK with a few lines of code;
Process #5- Publish the app and Earn Revenues with Arrkii.

If you have any tech issues, our tech manager will be there for you!

This is part of some publisher’s recent performance.


Things that our publishers Frequently ask about:

  • What is the pricing model?
    All of our offers are CPI based. There is no average CPI price. We have 70K+ CPI offers worldwide, and the price varies. For offer A the CPI price is a, for offer B the price is B, and when you bring 1 conversion to each offer, your earning would be a+b, the average price would be (a+b)/2

  • How much can I earn for 1000 downloads?
    This depends on where are your users based. For tier-1 countries the revenues could be as high as $700~1500; for tier-3 places the revenues could be $100~300.

  • Can I see the Real Time Report?
    Yes, once you create an account, you will have access to our system where you can see the report in real time.


my Skype is: greg.bay7
You know where to find me.