making money with iOS forum?

Anyone know good forums like this but for iOS? Geared towards the marketing and business side of things. Can’t seem to find a good one.

How many people here develop for iOS as well? Maybe if such a community doesn’t exist yet, we should make one. :slight_smile:

iPhone Dev SDK - iOS Developer Forums

iphone has got so many forums. Despite its popularity, poor android has got only few.
Having said that, a forum from David for making money with iphone would be nice but he is going to need more moderators/admin too. Of course, it has to generate enough revenue for hosting/bandwidth etc. @david, how much you earn monthly from this forum? :smiley:

Actually I haven’t tallied up the figures lately (that’s a job for tax time! ;)) But income would be somewhere in the low 4-digit range, before operating expenses. Of course, it would be possible to increase this with more aggressive advertising. But I prefer to take this slowly. No point compromising the quality of the site for the sake of making a quick buck.

So bottom line - at the moment this site pays enough to cover expenses and a bit more, but still not a lot to cover the time I put into it. If we were to start an iOS-flavoured “companion site” then you’re right - there would have to be some more moderators/admins. But I’d certainly be happy to facilitate this, if the interest is there.

Maybe we could just add a place here to discuss iOS? I’ve started porting my apps to iOS and I’m completely lost there and it seems like an interesting new revenue oportunity (I’m getting 30 sales per day right now there without any marketing or even reviews…). But the question is - is there enough of iOS developers here to start any discussion?

I am big time into it.


  1. Just registered for apple developer program. waiting for the new forum/section to kick of ASAP.
  2. Have setup a VM for mac lion.

To do’s

  1. Will buy a second hand apple device or borrow from friend. I guess emulator will be good till I get hold of iphone.
  2. Need to start learning iphone development.

I think we should think this way ,
Porting to IOS is mandatory giving the policies and strategies of Google that lets us struggle to get a decent revenue from it
I am still working hard to get a half of what I used to get before the Policy update
But the thing with IOS development is the entrance brier that might not be easy for every one , which could be an advantage after all
I got MacbooK pro however but still in the dark side of this world , may be looking for some motivation …
Will see how things are going …

Watch this space. More news coming soon. :wink:

Make money with ios forum would be great :smiley:

great stuff. i’ve made a few iOS apps and I like the change every now and then but I definitely prefer Android. Mainly because I can’t stand using a Mac! About 20% of my current income is from my iOS apps.

cheers toxic, the ‘Mobile Marketing Techniques’ and ‘Business, Legal, & App Store’ sections of iphonedevsdk was exactly what I was looking for.

I was looking for exactly this. I teamed up with my ex colleague. He will port my games to iOS.

I own makingmoneywithiphone and - taking any offers :slight_smile:

If you think Google play is a struggle, you’re in for a treat with Apple’s App Store. They have an EXTREMELY stringent approval process, and app requirements such as minimum graphics dpi/resolutions etc. It’s harder to get approved there than it is the Samsung market. Apple once disapproved an app I made which has over 500,000 downloads on Google Play, simply because they didn’t feel there was any ‘‘benefit’’ to having the app installed on a user’s device, despite it being a novelty app. Its frustrating dealing with their staff to say the least.

I think it changed recently. I had no problems getting my game accepted. They onpy reqiuested the exit button to be removed.