making money with apps

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Its actually really good, I earned about 10$ today lol

Are you sure? I am going to try? I hope i will make money.

Is this really possible? I haven’t heard about this app. But, I am going to give a try to this.

How much can we earn in a days maximum

Yes, this is possible. I see a lot of apps like this - just watch videos or install other apps to get points then exchange game points for money/gift cards - my personal favorite is Goldcoin Bee because it’s also a bingo game, I get a lot more points with bingo. :slight_smile:

I found an awesome app that I would like to share with you…It’s called “Cash Pirate” on Google play…It’s just like the app you mentioned…the difference is that there are TWO Tiers of earning potential, when someone uses your referral code, they get 500 coins ($0.50) You get 10% of their coin earnings… and 5% of their referrals coin earnings…Check it out Please use my referral code …RVYHXN

Thanks …and have fun

Thax for sharing. I am gonna give it a shot. Tap Cash Rewards is also a good choice, $5 cash redeemed already.
Enter my code plz: 4348036, both of us will get 200 ($0.2) extra, and become a VIP, will earn extra 100% credits. lol

Nope I am not going to put your invite code inside it as it would as it would give you referral cash credited over your account ! :stuck_out_tongue: Also I don’t think this thing is acceptable over here !

you you all can refer to ALPHAGRAVEL to know about how you can earn money with apps.
Do read all information about it. :smiley:

Well, I thought the topic was about the ways to earn money on your android app…

me too :slight_smile:

Here is one of the best-paying and easy ways to earn money with your Android app: [b]Data Monetization[/b].

Why Data Monetization?

  1. Once added to your app, the data monetization SDK will drive ever-growing earnings for the years to come.
  2. You invest ZERO time and efforts into maintaining its work.
  3. Data Monetization generates revenue for any category of mobile apps.
  4. The data collection takes place in the background, so the user’s experience stays untouched.
  5. Data monetization doesn’t harm existing SDKs. You can double your revenue by running in-app ads and data monetization at a time.

In this article –> [b]Data Monetization for Android apps is explained from A to Z[/b]. Enjoy reading :slight_smile:

All things considered, I pondered the approaches to gain cash on your android application.

Hello, congratulations for these advices I am very grateful to you. I never say no to free money, thank you.

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If you want to monetize your app users data in a GDPR-compliant way, consider using Appgrow, it’s good for the app who has DAU 80 000, I use it with in-app ads and get +600$ monthly

, I am going to give a try to this.
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Three options:
Have an app that’s good enough to make people pay to install it: Quite hard, especially on the Android platform where many users expect even high quality apps to be free.
Free app with advertisements. This usually only works well for apps which have a high user engagement, both session frequency and session length. If you have a utility app that runs in the background or gets used once in a blue moon, this model is not really suited for that, even if the app is super useful.
Free app with in-app purchases to unlock features and/or acquire consumable items. Especially games seem to be very successful with this approach.