Making money using Android

This is my first post in this forum so please excuse me if this is not the correct thread to post this kind of stuff.

OK guys I have installed MAdLock- A mobile lock screen app which displays attractive ad wallpapers on user’s lock screen which will enable the user to earn up to Rs. 300 per month but the maximum amount that a person can withdraw is 3000 per month. Use 029DOJ as referral code and get Rs 20 as a bonus. Enjoy, Engage and Earn…

Also if you register with the above given code then you will receive Rs. 20 immediately. In case if you don’t want any referral than you may leave that field blank but then you will have to start with 0 balance.


  1. The above mentioned app is only available for Indian users

  2. The maximum referral bonus that you can get is Rs. 20. Anyone giving more than that are making false claims.

  3. Minimum payout is Rs. 150 which can be redeemed using two ways that is either bank transfer or mobile top up.

Have a great day.

Rs 20 = ???$
The above mentioned app is only available for Indian users, if it is only for Indian, don’t post here.

If it is Indian currency, according to google its:

1 Indian rupee = 0.016055 U.S. dollars


Well Rs. 20 will be around 10 cents.

Which thread should I post this topic in?