Making money from audio ads in apps

Question to all:

I’m in contact with sellaring they’re new in the market doing audio ads in mobile app.

I’m doing about 5.8$ for 1000 impressions.

Is that good revenue? Sorry I’m new at that area and have no data to compare to.


Yes, $5.8 for 1000 impressions is very good. Most banner advertising networks will return something between $0.20 and $2.00 per thousand impressions (“cost per thousand impressions”, or “CPM”). Often different formats, such as interstitial ads (full-screen ads which appear during a break in user interactions), will return a higher CPM, due to the increased attention.

Looks like Sellaring does a good job of getting attention, which is giving you a high CPM. Just be aware of your users feedback - sometimes people don’t like this kind of advertising because it occurs outside of the app itself. I’d recommend having an “opt-out” setting in your app if possible, to give people the choice.

Hi David,

I’m glad to see I’m over the average… So far I haven’t had any complaints from my users so it’s Ok.

Do you know other ways to monetize my apps like sellaring?


Leadbolt is one such ad network - offers audio ads.

However I don’t know what their fill rate is (i.e. if they have enough advertisers).

Also what are the mechanics of showing these audio ads - i.e. is there a way to prefetch them ? What data size is used - is it comparable to that consumed for Leadbolt AppWall etc. ?

I use audio ads in one of my apps, and I can tell you that the fill rate sucks. I guess it’s probably only for USA.

Do the audio ads have prefetch mechanism - or is the usual wait before ad appears (on phones with slow networks ?).

eCPM of $3-5 ? With low fill rate - does it still wind up being significant percentage of revenue (if other stuff being used is AppWall etc. which are $1-$1.5 eCPM).

Sellaraing are scam, I got not many but 60$ and my account was closed, they closed also site for couple weeks, they had php issuses, scam and amateur.