Making money form ads with my Russian audience

Hi all,
I’ve got an app that’s quite popular in Russia.
I’m looking for the best ad agencies to integrated into my app that would be most profitable.
I can add both banner and video interstitials.
Any advice?

mobileCore has always done well in Russia for me. Russia is a tricky place for ads though, as they have the highest population of immigrants in the world.

Have you tried app-brain? They seem have average cpi for Russia of 0.58.

Average CPI per country for Android apps - AppBrain

They have also a very simple integration with their sdk.

Plus they have some nice features that come with the sdk like remote settings that you can set from the web console, and more analytics for the app.

mC is good for interstitial. Admob is good for banner. For video interstitial, you may look into Vungle and AdColony.

AdColony is good, they have an easy sdk and decent support.


I suggest you should use mediation with multiple networks to avoid dependency in any single network.

We have plenty of Russian traffic at Appodeal. That is where we started!