Making money by clicking on your own banners


Have anyone tried to click many times on their own banners to make money? I am trying this with Admob and it seems to work, tried for 5 days and I’m +$100. Of course I am faking all the device info etc.

Any ideas? I’m afraid that at the end of the month bad news will come.

Feedback welcome.

Probably they will subtract as invalid traffic!

They are removing clicks/profit on the go though. Admob updates every 30 seconds or so, and a lot of times it went from 60 clicks $5 profit to 50 clicks $4 for example.
So they are removing fake clicks on the go as well… Hope they won’t do it (as much) at the end of the month

This is just today


Admob will detect this and remove all your earnings ! You will recieve no money ! Also your admob account will be banned and then you can never again open a new account !

58 dollar ecpm is not normal - normal is maybe 1 or 2 dollar !

So what you do is only stupid !

You will be a millionaire, don’t listen them!

Yes exactly man

You are going to get banned. 50% CTR…

Yes, I need to find a tool that can deliver me ad views…

stop doing it.
admob with 50% ctr? Some more days, maybe they will check it manually and you will get banned. Banned for all your life from using admob.
And in the best case, they will just subtract that money by the end of the month.

I get suspicious when I have 8%+ CTR with interstitial and check the implementation if everything is correct. And you are having 50% with banners :smiley:
In banners I have 0.05% CTR :smiley:

Dude you will be banned - they are not foolish. The risk not to get even your real revenue without artificially 100$ which was clicked by yourself. Especially considering the fact that Admob pay by CPC model.

Having a CTR of more than 5% is enough for them to watch over your account. why risk it?