Making a fan game on android possible?

I know, Androids aren’t made for making games. But I have seen coding on Android, so it is possible. Anyways, I just wanted to know:
If I were to design maps for a whole game using a pixel editor app, would I be able to add grass, wild pokemon, starters, trainers, etc, with some app or something? Thanks for helping me.

Definitely, android can be used to make simple games like a tic tac toe game.

Android is the best system for simple games

Mini Militia App Lock

Actually, Android is best option to make simple games because its quite user friendly surface to work with.

Yes, it’s possible
I built exchange like Paxful platform

Yes, you can create a game on Android.
And yes pixel editor helps.
Follow this strategy:
Develop an idea
The Play store is brimming with gaming Apps, but what most of the games lag are creativity and uniqueness. Brainstorm with the team and come up with a killer idea that will keep the user enticed all the while. Once you have an idea of how to make a gaming App for Android, 50% of the task is accomplished.

There is no easier way to build the idea. You must always begin with analyzing what all is popular and trending in the gaming market. The answer to ‘how to create a game app for android’ may not be simple, it will require a lot of observation and analysis. You may come across an App idea that just needs the touch of the latest technology like AR/VR to make it an instant hit.

But mind you, when you sit down to think about how to create a game app for android, the idea cannot be compromised.

Trust the experts, no idea gets a go-ahead in just one take. Keep on improvising the idea till you get to a point which is the best.

Create a Story
Games like Clash of Clans garnered maximum downloads because the game had a story to tell. It is the easiest part of any game development strategy. Creating an engaging story that keeps the players tempted to know what happens next plays a pivotal role in its popularity.

The characters of your game must set your story right and you have mastered the first step of how to make your own game app for android.

Simple and addictive
A game with simple controls goes a long way when you are pondering over how to make a gaming App for Android. Make sure the control elements must be easily accessible as per each screen size. To keep the players glued to make sure game plays are not too long, difficulty level raises and every time a player wins a game he unlocks some points or powers.

The Design is the Winner
Enchanting the players is not easy when they have lots of options. While designing a game, the designer needs to take care of the character, story, art and the overall look of the game. Creating a game design is much more complicated than creating one for an app.

History has been witness to brilliant game ideas and stories succumbing to a bad design.

Size is always an important consideration of how to make a gaming App for Android. More often to render good user experience the screen must never look cluttered with the design elements. The graphics must go hand in hand with the logic of the gameplay.

I hope this helps!

Of course, this is possible. There are a lot of great examples on Unity3D. Now there are a lot of lessons on creating simple games, but the fact is that these ordinary mechanics can then be really complicated or used for their own purposes. In terms of design and models - blender 3D. If you have free time-create an interesting game really.

I am sure everyone here has helped you to understand the game making process, so, I’ll share with you how to get your game listed on android.
Once you make your game, you’ll have to go through this process.
Get Started with Play Games Services for Android
Before you begin.
Step 1: Download the sample app.
Step 2: Set up the game in the Google Play Console.
Step 3: Modify your code.
Step 4: Test your game.

I hope this information helps!