Make free money on Idle-Empire!!

Idle-Empire it’s totally free

How do I get points/money on this page?

Very easy, you can get points through the panels in the walls of offers in which are all these:

  • TrialPay (recomend)
  • AdscendMedia (recomend)
  • AdGateRewards (recomend)
  • OfferToro
  • Personaly
  • PeanutLabs
  • SuperRewards
  • Wannads
  • KiwiWall
  • AdWorkMedia
  • MinuteStaff
    There are all kinds of offers.

Does this page have another way to earn money?

  • Of course, you can also earn money by mining through a program that the same page provides, referral system, watch videos or simply stay afk in game servers.

And what methods does the page have for withdrawing my money?

  • Well, several, are the following:
  • BitSkins
  • CSGOShop
  • OPSkins
  • CoinBase
  • PerfectMoney
  • Paypal
    (The minimum to withdraw is $ 0.10, except paypal which is $ 5)

Then it also has a section of GiftCards in which there are:

  • Steam Gift Card $ 5
  • G2A Gift Card 3.5 $
  • Kinguin Gift Card 3.5 $
  • Steam Random Game 0.05 $ - This gives it to you instantly and you can redeem it at the moment
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Google Play, ITunes.
  • League of Legends

And how long does it take to get the payments?
It does not take long, approximately 24 hours, it depends on what you buy.

How is the referral system?
You will earn 20% of what your referral generates. In addition to giving you 50 points for each new user that registers with your referral link

It works in all countries?

Yes, you can register from any country, there is no problem.

To register use my referral link that would help me a lot:

With my link you will receive 500 points when you register, then you will only need 500 points to be able to get the minimum payment of ($ 0.10)

Each 1000 points is $ 0.10 USD
Then 10,000 points are $ 1 USD