Make 10% more without showing any additional ads


I work for MyPermissions. We are not an ad network, we provide a tool that allows you to increase your income by 10% without showing any additional ads or selling user data.

We help your users trust your apps by certifying them (similar to TRUSTe). Our track record, across millions of installs, is that apps that have our trust certificate increase user conversion and retention by an average of 10% on average. When your users use your apps more - you make more money from app.

Our process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. As soon as we certify your app you will start seeing the conversion increase.

Try us out at - MyPermissions Trust Certification Program and start making making more money today.

Chris Curran
Dev relations
MyPermissions Trust Certification Program

MyPermissions- when they trust your app - they use your app

Has anyone tried these guys?

First tell us how do you make money? Nobody is offering anything for free in this market and also paying us without getting something in return.

Lets hear it first

Hi appsg,

We don’t pay developers. We increase the conversion and retention of your apps so you can make more money with your existing ad solutions.

Our service is free to use up to 100k users and 10k monthly active users. Our experience is that when developers try us out and see the 10% increase in retention, conversion and subsequent revenues from their existing ads they upgrade to one of our paid programs.

I hope this answers your question.

Chris Curran

Try us out for free at - MyPermissions Trust Certification Program

MyPermissions- when they trust your app - they use your app

How do you make sure an app is trustworthy in only 5 minutes? How many apps fail to get a badge? What do you check specifically? What tells us and users (!) that your verification process is trustworthy?

Without knowing this, I would actually suspect a scam behind this “certification”, especially if an app with a badge gets it for free.

I personally do not give a damn about a certificate. If an app does not use weird permissions I download it.


The implementation takes 5 minutes. The authorization process takes more than 5 minutes.
We mostly check what type of data access your app is requesting and verify that you’re using it in a way that is clear to the user and compliant with your privacy policy. If authorized, whenever you ask your user to agree to connect to a data provider (linkedin/facebook/Google/etc’) you show our badge (see guidelines at Guidelines). The badge links to our service where the user can see what the badge means.

The service we provide serves as an external, unbiased, confirmation to the user that you are accessing their data for legitimate reasons.

There’s no cost to try us out. Try us and you can see the difference for yourself.

MyPermissions Trust Certification Program

I started work with them 2 weeks ago
It is good. I got 11% more users agreeing to connect to Facebook with this. It has only been 2 weeks so i don’t know if retention is really better. I will know in another week.

$199/month for 25k - 100k montly active users seems a little bit pricey to me…

The calculation comes down to whether a 10% increase in your current revenue will be more than the $199/month.

How many actives do you have?
You are also welcome to pm me or send me an email at [email protected]

Btw, you can always try us out for 30 days for free and then decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

so did you make more money with these guys or is it just more conversion?

admob shows 15% more revenue
flurry is 8% more

it’s been a steady increase up to now, but it’s only 2 weeks so i don’t know yet if it will last