Mail from Admob "Make the most out of your AdMob interstitials"

I got following email from Admob Team.


Our report indicates that you are already using Interstitial ad formats on your app(s).

You may have already noticed that the interstitial format in your apps has an RPM that is way higher than the one of the regular banner 320X50.

It’s now time for you to capture the full revenue opportunity of the interstitial!

Interstitial Implementations Best Practices:
In order to maximize your revenue with this format you can:
Grow your RPM by monetizing strategic placements on your apps such as:
Just after the launch of your app
Following strategic transition points
When the user clicks on the ‘’Menu’’ / ‘’Back’’ buttons…
Increase your total number of ad impressions by making sure the user sees this format several times. Push an interstitial at a frequency based on the average time spent on your app (usually every 2-3 minutes usage).
Remember to monetize all your apps with banners and interstitials formats. You would be surprised: no app is small enough to be monetized!

What I can do for you?

  • Once you implement the recommendations above, please fill in this form so that I can put the spotlight on your apps with our Advertiser teams and drive more premium ad campaigns.

Please feel free to reach out to me for further question, by replying to this email,
Google AdMob team

Have someone else got this?

This shows that due to competition google now want good relations with developers with respect to mobile ads. Good sign.

On other hand in adsense google F**k the publishers because of no competition.

would you mind uploading the actual file. What are the download range on your apps, and what are your earnings?

I got this email also. Do you enter your Admob information in the form provided? I am wondering what kind of premium ad campaigns they mention.

I guess it is video ad.

Cool. Video ads give even better result than interstitial. But it is even more annoying to users also.