Madvertise Fill Rate Plunging?

I’ve been using Madvertise for a couple of months now, and got great eCPMs (~22 Euro). Because Madvertise only really works for European traffic, and my users are very international, I’ve only been getting about 25% fill rate. That still turns out worthwhile when the eCPM is so high though. In November it gave me more revenue in total than any other ad network.

But looking at my stats, I’ve noticed a huge drop in fill rates during this past week. At the start of December, I was getting 25% fill rates. On the 28th of December, things started dropping off, and I only got 13%. But now, since the 1st January my average fill rate has been just 3%!

Anyone else noticing this? I haven’t seen any decrease in ad requests, only ad impressions. Gone from ~700 ad impressions per day to just ~40, for the same number of users. :frowning:

I’ve just integrated Madvertise into my UK based app. After 4 days of trying I haven’t been able to fill a single ad (on my own phone, code isn’t released to the public yet) despite several hundred requests over a week. I’ve sent them an email to question this and will let you know what they say. Looks like the majority of available ads are for Germany which might explain why none are filled for the UK.

Yeah, I know their fill rate outside of Germany isn’t that great. I haven’t been able to get anything here in Australia. But I can’t see why nearly all of my German / European traffic would suddenly disappear, to the extent that I’d see these poor fill rates.

Thanks for your response - look forward to hearing what they have to say.

Approximately 24 hours after my email to their support mailbox, I received the following reply:

“we had a look at the issue and found that something needed to be changed in the setup of your account. Sorry for this little inconvenience. It should work now with the next server update (in approx. 30 minutes).”

And indeed, shortly thereafter ads finally started appearing in my application. All day today I’ve been checking my application to see if ads are loading and I’m getting 100% fill rate (I’m based in the UK). However, this probably doesn’t mean much with half a day’s testing with one phone! But its enough for me to gain confidence that its worth releasing this into the wild and seeing what happens.

Here’s my past week with Madvertise:


So i really have the same problem. I used to have fillrate around 15% now it’s 0% and has been for some time.

That’s almost exactly what my report looks like at the moment. I emailed madvertise support a few days ago, but haven’t got a response yet :frowning:

I emailed them already like a month ago when i first saw the fillrate dropping a lot. They said that they didn’t have enough campaings to fill in the requests. I contacted them again couple of weeks ago and they said that the situation should improve progressively.

I just got an email back from their support team. Here’s what they wrote:

So looks like it is indeed a problem with not having enough advertisers to fill inventory. Pretty disappointing for me, as this is the time of year I have most users. But at least madvertise have provided a reasonable explanation. I’ll stick with them, and hopefully the impressions start picking up again soon!

Yeah i will also wait few months and see what happens…

Ok my fillrate has raised a little. Yesterday i got 404 impressions with fillrate of 3%. I hope it will go around 15% again :slight_smile:

Just checked my reports - yesterday I got a 15% fill rate with 1,500 impressions :slight_smile: Today’s is 13% so far, hopefully it keeps up around this level again.


I requested 1k/day over the last 5 days … fillrate = 0.00

in 4 complete weeks I received exactly 17 (yes, 17!!) ads … no clicks so far

I hope that will grow in the future :slight_smile:

My fillrate peaked 11th of this month to 9% now it has gone down again. 20k requests 20 impressions :smiley: I will wait for a month or so and then change to some other ad-provider.

as I could see over the last weeks, at admob the eCPM of european ads is lower than it is for nort-america …

soon, admob is replaced by adsense completely, I am curious what that will mean to madvertise, when google pushes adsense totally to the mobile level

after 6000 requests 1 got my first banner from madvertise . it was a “sims 3” banner and it was clicked! HA!

10 ct for me :wink: for a short time I had a CTR or 100% and an eCPM of 100€ …

I would be rich instantly, if I would get such an eCPM at admob - hehe


It seems to me that you have a very low Fill Rate. 15% Fill Rate is on the low side and I think you might be wasting your real estate if that is what you’re settling for.

What countries does your traffic usually come from?



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I dont know what network you’re using but it seems to me that you’re really wasting the potential of your real estate. There are networks which should show you instant results without you having to hope.

Cheers - Bil

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this is a “madvertise” thread - so i was talking about madvertise. (it’s combined with admob in my apps)

But good news! fillrate is suddenly rising - I am pretty sure that has something to do with the ending of the developer fund, because many people are recognizing a rising fillrate since yesterday

Hi David,
13%-15% fill rate is on the low side. Have you consider going to a different ad network service.

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I got 1 yesterday … 1 impression xD

Hmm, we seem to be getting a lot of comments from TapIt! people.

RE: Bill and Si, yes I understand 13-15% is a very low fill rate. Madvertise is an interesting one, because they’ve typically had low fill rates but high eCPM for European traffic. I’m using them in collaboration with several other advertising networks at the moment. I’ll try Madvertise first, if that fails to provide an ad, will fail over to another network.