Madmobile-APK installs/Android Download traffic monetization. Auto-SDK and Smartlinks

Hi there!

Let us introduce ourselves. We specialize in monetizing APK installs, as well as any other Android traffic. We would like to tell you more about monetization solution that will fit various types of partners: app developers, publishers, media buyers, APK portals, torrent, warez or any other distributors. We are in the business for over 6 years already and this is what we can offer you right now:

-No irritating endless redirects
-All OS are accepted: Android, iOS, Win, MacOS, Other mobile/desktop devices (Java, WM e.t.c.)
-NET0 payouts by default, weekly payouts are negotiable
-Decent CPM rates
-100% fill rate
-Average system CPM/GEO rates for any date

-NET0 payouts by default, weekly payouts are negotiable
-Automatic ads SDK integration/mass integration into any APK file
-0 detections (or we have them removed within few days)
-APK tuning (changing package name, app name, icon e.t.c)
-Flexible ads behavior (settings delays, ads frequency, hide app icon, don’t show ads for Google Play installs e.t.c.)
-For Google Play app updates our ads start after the update, without the need to launch the app itself, thus covering the whole userbase with the single update

  • For mediabuyers and traffic brokers: Sub IDs,postbacks and direct APK download links
  • Advanced reporting system with GEO/CPM/APPS breakdown as well as average system CPM/GEO rates for any date desired
  • Designated software for automatic download/upload e.t.c. of APK files from various sources
  • Flexible referral system starting from 7% and more
  • Payments: Wire, PayPal, BTC, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Webmoney. Other payment systems are negotiable.
    -Great support :slight_smile:
    *Up to 20 ads per user a day.

Tier 3 traffic (India, LATAM) from Google Play example:

Please feel free to sign up at Complex Android installs monetization solutions for various verticals of partner

nice, will give it a try!

BTW some nice case study from one of our partners :wink:

Case study: Earning money on .APK (Android) installs

Why is it profitable to do ads in Android apps?

→ AdMob is an American company that specializes in mobile advertising. In November 2009, Google bought AdMob for $ 750 million. They saw a great prospect in this advertising format.

→ Back in 2014, Android took 85% of the global smartphone market.

→ Every day hundreds of thousands of people buy new mobile phones with the Android operating system

→ Top apps from Google Play have collected several million installations from different countries around the world

As you can see, the mobile is a very promising niche. And if you still do not earn on this, then you should sign up here

The first thing we need to do is register. After you get a confirmation email, you can start working.

First of all, we need to specify payment details. To do this, click on the icon in the upper right corner and go to “Profile”.

There we can see two tabs: “Personal Info” and “Payments Info”:

Personal information:

► Our referral link
► Ads presets
► Interface default theme

Payments Information:

► Wire | WMZ | Paxum | Paypal | EPESE | OKPay | Qiwi | Bitcoin | Yandex.Money | Skrill | Other |

Choose what suits the best for you and click “Save”

Now let’s see how to work with the system.

Our work can be divided into two parts:
► Integration of an ad unit (SDK) into an Android application
► Distribution of applications with an ad unit via various sources of mobile traffic.

In order to make money on advertising in Android applications - we need to integrate ads into those applications. And then distribute them. Users who will download our games and applications will see ads - we will get paid for those ads.

So, let’s start. On the left side of the site interface you will see the following sections:

Let’s go over the functions they perform.

Stats - the daily statistics on our income, opening which we see the following sub-items:

► Stats - a section with 7 subsections giving us the following information:

→ Total – your overall daily stats

→ CPM / GEO - “Your Traffic Map” Here you can see the number of installations in a given country, as well as approximate prices for each country for you for 1000 impressions of ads (hereinafter referred to as CPM).

→ APPS / GEO - there we will see daily statistics for each individual application available to us:

● Application name (App) ● Installs ● Number of new users ● Total number of active users (Active) ● Number of displayed ads (Impressions)

→ SUB IDs – this section allows you to monitor the effectiveness of different traffic channels if you use direct download links, which are automatically generated for each of your apps after you wrap them. Mostly this tool is useful for media buyers.

→ NET30 – this part is relevant for previous wrapper, which is deprecated already.

→ Smartlink – this part is dedicated to a Smartlink advertising format, which is not connected to SDK and most likely you won’t use them.

► Wrapper NET0 – ads integration in APK file (SDK integration)

► Mass Wrapper NET0 - mass integration (archives up to 1GB)

► Smartlink - a section for creating smart links

► FAQ - answers to the most common questions

1. How do I add ads to an Android app or game?

To integrate the SDK (advertising module) into a game or an app, we need to download an app first. To do this, any resources will do, but it’s better to get non-modified apps from Google Play (you can download apps from there via, because modified apps might not work properly after our SDK is integrated. However, modified apps and games (e.g. paid apps that were made free) will be more popular and valuable to users, and, most likely, our ads will work too. Just check at least some of them manually if they work properly.

After we downloaded the game for Android with the .APK extension, we should go to - Wrapper NET0 section and select "Wrap It” tab. The wrapper looks like this:

[LEFT]Let’s start adding ads.[/LEFT]

  1. Name the app as you see fit, it’s for internal use only.
  2. Then click “Add file” and select the app that you downloaded.
  3. Click “Upload” and go down to the wrapper options.

Ad options

→ Select preset - create wrapper options templates.

→ First ad delay - a parameter that sets the delay before the first ad is shown on the device. Depending on the source of traffic in which your app will be distributed (from forums and social networks on mobile topics to 3rd party app stores and Google Play). We recommend setting this parameter in the range from 6 hours to 1 day. However, it depends on how fast your users will be uninstalling your apps after the install.

Next, choose what you see fit:

→ Do not show ads for Google Play installs - check this box if you want to publish the application on the Google Play store, but you don’t want to risk your app and monetize the installs of your app from google play aggregators (e.g., which we already mentioned)
→ Show ads inside the integrated app ONLY - Show ads ONLY within the integrated application.
→ Show ads outside integrated app - Here we put a tick if we want the advertisement to be displayed outside the game or the application that we wrapped (this option is set by default).
→ Hide app icon – check this if you want an app icon to be hidden. Also you should set a timer after what time after the install the icon will be hidden.

And the last parameter is Ads Frequency (Frequency of displayed advertisements):
→ Low <10 impressions per day for one user.
→ Medium - 10-15 impressions per day for one user.
→ High - over 15 impressions per day for one user.
→ Extreme – over 20 impressions per day for one user.

Options below most likely won’t be used - they are intended for more advanced users working with Google Play mostly.

After adjusting all the options click on the green button “Build” at the top (While we are waiting for the advertisement to be added, we can start wrapping another app).

Or you can use Mass Wrapper if you have lots of apps. However, you will have one app ID per each pack of apps.

After the integration, the app will appear here: ► Wrapper NET0 » Apps

Now you can download a modified app to your computer and start doing the distribution via numerous traffic sources.

Now we know how to add advertising to games | applications | live wallpaper | themes and any other .APK files.

2. Distribution of applications with an ad unit

In order to earn good money on ads in Android apps it is required that our applications should be on as many mobile devices as possible. How to achieve this? To distribute them in all available ways.

There are several ways to get an app:

► Buy an application. It might not be as pricey as you think.
► Make the simplest application: a book, a directory, a manual, a guide, a skin, a mod and so on (or a complex one - depends on your desire and abilities).

You can using different manuals for Android development, or go the simple way and create you app in special app builders, which are also abundant.

Here are just a few of them.

Or the third way is to use applications that are publicly available and distribute them to:
► Alternative mobile app stores
► Forums and sites – Android app/game reviews
► Mobile social networks
► File Sharing
► Social networks
► On own resources
► On 3rd party resources

The possibilities are really limitless!

You can start with this list of markets, where you can distribute your apps.

But really there are much more of them.

All you need to do is to google and find some sources that suit best for you and your apps.

You might probably want to start with the most common ones like,,GetJar and UPtoDOWN.

I advise you to find as many of these stores as possible and fill them with games and apps. Thus, you will get a lot of traffic. And money.

3. Statistics and earnings

To check your stats, go to your account in the “Stats” tab - the “Total” section

Statistics is updated every hour and it looks like this:

Installs - the number of installs during the day.
New Users - how many new users generated the first impression.
Active - how many overall active users you currently have.
Impressions - how many ad impressions were generated by your users.
CPM – your revenue for 1000 impressions

And finally:


It is calculated as follows:

Impressions x CPM / 1000 = Earnings

I could write much more, but the case turned out too large already.

By the way, payments come in the first days of each month for the previous month, which is called NET0. However, bi-weekly or even weekly payments are also negotiable, if you have the volumes.

I hope that you enjoyed my tutorial and, probably, found a new niche to make money online. If you got interested,sign up here.

Good luck!

Hey guys, since we are getting lots of new sign ups, here is some motivation for you: if you hit $50 or more of daily revenue, then you will be added 20% to your income. Thus getting additional $10 over your $50 out of nothing. Of course those 20% will be applied to any sum over $50. Cheers! :wink:

great solution for monetizing my bunch of apk portals, thanks guys!

Hi guys! We are glad to inform you that starting from today weekly payouts are available if you do $100+ daily, biweekly payouts available if you do $50+ daily. If you are looking for NON-Google Play compliant APK monetization solution then you can’t find anything better - and faster, than us :slight_smile:

One more good news: CPM rates got increased up to 50%! Here is the current list of our average CPM rates by GEO. Please note that it is system average - where most of our partners prefer setting “extreme” level of ads serving (10-15 imps daily), which eventually lead to lower CPM.

More compassionate attitude to users would lead to higher rates.

Country Average CPM
Denmark 13.76
Belgium 1.54
Italy 1.27
Kenya 1.2
Finland 1.18
Germany 1.15
Switzerland 1.03
Norway 0.98
Sweden 0.89
France 0.86
Hungary 0.81
Estonia 0.78
Latvia 0.77
United States 0.76
Austria 0.75
New Zealand 0.75
Ireland 0.74
Greece 0.73
Kosovo 0.7
Australia 0.69
Lithuania 0.69
Spain 0.68
Saudi Arabia 0.63
Slovakia 0.61
UAE 0.6
Netherlands 0.59
Portugal 0.59
Bulgaria 0.56
Guinea 0.56
United Kingdom 0.55
Cyprus 0.52
Luxembourg 0.52
Romania 0.52
Serbia 0.5
Kazakhstan 0.48
Bahrain 0.47
Canada 0.45
Singapore 0.44
Czech Republic 0.42
Thailand 0.39
Croatia 0.36
Malaysia 0.36
Nigeria 0.36
Ukraine 0.36
Oman 0.35
Russia 0.35
South Korea 0.35
Poland 0.33
Zambia 0.33
Hong Kong 0.32
Qatar 0.31
Belarus 0.29
South Africa 0.28
Cameroon 0.27
Slovenia 0.27
Ghana 0.24
Iran 0.23
Kuwait 0.23
Georgia 0.22
Brunei 0.21
Vietnam 0.21
Ivory Coast 0.2
Sudan 0.2
Uganda 0.2
Israel 0.18
Mexico 0.18
Myanmar 0.18
Azerbaijan 0.17
Zimbabwe 0.16
Brazil 0.15
Chile 0.15
Congo 0.15
Indonesia 0.15
Japan 0.15
Sri Lanka 0.15
Tunisia 0.15
Lebanon 0.14
Tanzania 0.14
Algeria 0.13
China 0.13
Guatemala 0.13
Albania 0.12
French Guiana 0.12
Kyrgyzstan 0.12
Macedonia 0.12
Uzbekistan 0.12
Anguilla 0.11
Cambodia 0.11
Jordan 0.11
Monaco 0.11
Morocco 0.11
Tajikistan 0.11
Bermuda 0.1
Cayman Islands 0.1
Egypt 0.1
Rwanda 0.1
Costa Rica 0.09
Malta 0.09
Mauritius 0.09
Senegal 0.09

I have 2 apps ranked on play store. I will definitely give it a try. it is safe with adsense?

[b]We are happy to announce a launch of Madmobile 2.0 - with tons of new awesome features!

So, what’s new?[/b]

New ad formats

While keeping our main ad formats, technical side of ads serving was changed, making ads less intrusive, but more engaging – and, what’s more important in Android, more stable. In the end, you get more ads with the same or even lower ads frequency setting.

Also, additional ad formats like native ads, interstitials and subscription based ads were added – thus increasing the chance that your users will be generating revenue even if your app was totally removed from the device!

New payout terms

From now on we are moving to weekly NET7 payouts – which means that payments will be conducted each Wednesday, with 7 days hold!

And by the way, unlike some others, we have been paying for over 4 years already and we will do that in the future.

New reporting

Totally rebuilt backend of the system - from now on each app will have its own ad ID in our ad partners systems (unlike in old Madmobile), which means 100% CPM/Rates/GEO transparency, as well as significantly better ad serving optimization, which eventually ends up in higher rates!

New design and UI

Our web site was redesigned, becoming more clear and user-friendly. Also, partners’ dashboard was updated: complicated tabs and sub-tabs menus were replaced, country and app filters were added, as well as grouping by apps/country/date. Finally, we added a separate “available payout” and payments tabs where you can check you paid and pending weekly payouts.

New anti-virus and Google Protect modules

Since our solution is quite ads abusive, positive virus flagging will be inevitable. We will do our best to remove or keep those detections to minimum. However, some flagging might occur even after some routine procedures. For example, using APKTool software, which is the only way to modify any APK file. What’s more important is that, normally, Google Protect blocks the installation of all suspicious APK files on any Android device – but not APKs with our solution, which is good. We worked a lot to get this result and we will try to keep this way of things in the future.
feel free to contact us

We are happy to announce a launch of new Android APK monetization format: Custom Links

Now there are over 50 landings, which motivate users to download our app, for virtually any niche:

-adult videos

-adult dating

-app dowloads

-files/torrents/music downloads

-Cleaners/Optimizers/Antivirus system landing pages

-Spin the Wheel/Poker/Casino

-AAA games title landings

and many others!

Please note, that our landings also have a {post} variable, which is extremely useful for any torrent/download/mp3 traffic, which might requite to pass a user a specific variable file name (e.g. if a user looks for “witcher-the-movie.torrent” file, he will be redirected to a torrent download landing page with “witcher-the-movie.torrent.apk” file name). Such variable will increase clicks-to-downloads conversion rate dramatically.

If you have any questions, please contact us [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you with the integration or answer any of your questions.

Your Madmobile team.
Complex Android installs monetization solutions for various verticals of partner