Made a new game can you please tell marketing methods ??

Hi first of all sorry to create a new thread for this type question i have seen another thread all are asking game link if i posted in there thread then some of guys may think that he is high jacking it :smiley:

so here is my new thread asking for help

I have created a new simple game can anybody tell me what are the marketing methods so i can take it to a better place it’s just 3 days when i have publish the app can i expect installs in such a low time ??

i don’t have any money to spend on Ad networks as the all income is from in app ads so i am not going to spend anything until i earn

i can post on forums … facebook post and ??

i can post the link of my game if anybody wants to see it… and give suggestion that what can be done for this

i have created another game which is 80,000+ Installs but the income is not good active installs are very less as it was my first game not good graphics not anything special…

one more question what are the main advertiser i have Admob smart size banner,Startup full page ad after few times game over


From my experience, paying a lot of money on advertising is the best way to go. That means buying installs to boost your game’s downloads and get it on the top charts. A budget of at least $1000 is needed if you ask me (to achieve decent results).

I’ve seen games with great success that didn’t pay for any advertising but such cases are very rare.

With a small or no budget at all your best bet is to post it on different forums and submit it to review websites (although most of them won’t review it unless you pay - but you might get lucky). You can also create a facebook page for it and advertise it there. Also, posting about it on reddit might help but from my experience it doesn’t.

I recommend you add a fullscreen banner in the beginning of your other game and try to move as much users as you can to the new game. Make sure that banner will only show up if users haven’t installed your new game yet. If you consider your other game dead I suggest you bury it for good and attempt some aggressive advertising to show users your new game.

Overall, you need to make your game as visible as you can on the web and keep your fingers crossed that review websites and users in general will really like it and promote for free.

Depends on the structure of the game but you can add some facebook or twitter integration to it so that users can brag about their achievements on these social media networks. Example: put a button after completion of a level saying: “Brag” or “Show off” that will prompt users to post a message like “I completed this race in 57 seconds, can you do better than that?”. And you can offer in-game rewards for users that post about your game. If your game is very addictive and the users want to earn those rewards they won’t hesitate to use those functions. That will make your game visible to thousands and thousands of friends of your users’. Beware, if the users find your game too difficult to play without using facebook or twitter posts they will leave bad ratings.

Also, if you have friends with a lot of contacts on the web you can ask them to write something about your game: bloggers, facebook users with a lot of friends, or twitter followers, etc.

Read some documentation about marketing your game for free, you will find plenty of information. Read, learn and adapt to your needs!

Good luck!

Thanks avradu

the share feature can make it good i have seen other games which uses it but buying installs needs more money

Also, if you have friends with a lot of contacts on the web you can ask them to write something about your game: bloggers, facebook users with a lot of friends, or twitter followers, etc. and this method i can do to Make my game boost :smiley: hope everything goes well and i earn after all Money is everything we expect from apps/games we make :smiley:
btw i just saw your game Jigsaw puzzle how much you made from it (if you don’t mind :))

Sorry, I can’t say how much that game earned me but it’s not much. Just to cover some bills each month.

See, Marketing any app is a step by step process. You start it before even releasing the app by doing several Press Releases, PRweb is one platform, there are many more. Also you start engaging on forums and other social communities taking feedback from your target audience about how your app should be like. Then at the time of app release, you have Optimize your app for each app store( apple, google, amazon, etc.). And then some time after app release you try and re-engage with dormant users. Read the whole guide here( before app release, at time of app release, after app release).
Hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

PR, social media and forum engagement are all essential. There are a bunch of websites you can do PR for free. For example HARO. They send you 3 emails a day with journalists searching for sources for their story. If your products fits in one of those subjects, you can send a message to that journalist. I have being using it for my company.

Besides that, you got to think about the keywords people search for your app and find the best channels to promote it. From their you can find which is better, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. Find foruns related to that topic and start engaging. Also, find quora questions related to your keywords. That might work too.

Try to submit it to all app stores and review sites , if your App is good then you will definitely get traffic no need to go for paid installs. If your app is not worth enough what is the use of paid promotion they will uninstall it later.

I recently wrote an article on the Top 6 Quality User Acquisition Channels and it includes both free and paid channels.

what pay per install service did you used?

Appbrain, facebook, heyzap, tapjoy.

Here are many direct links to forums and facebook groups to post, jump on it and promote!!

@RafaelNeaime Can you pinpoint me the HARO address? I googled it for HARO app reviews and I got a bunch of links but none for an app review site :frowning:

Never mind. I found out it: www dot helpareporter dot com


Hi there,promote app on facebook and forums are good choices,but you should do it wisely; too many people think copy and pasting a link is enough. Engage your audience. Be interesting. Tease. Intrigue. Make yourself click-worthy and share-worthy

App Store Optimization
App store optimization is simply the first rule of promoting your app and focuses on the app’s presence in the store. In someone’s opinion, aso will cost them a lot of money, but you can do it on your own without having to spend anything. There are many blogs and sites about aso, you can learn on those sites, like asotop1,appinstitute,buildfire.3 brief tips for aso as followings:
Conduct keyword research to find the best keyphrases to target.
Create a winning copy for the description and use the keywords in it.
Also create an eye-catching title, and add screenshots and a video.

Alternative App Stores
Besides Google Play Store and App Store, there are various other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app. According to One Platform Foundation, if an app is submitted on other relatively less popular stores, it will increase the expected downloads 200% more compared to Google Play.
Best App Store Alternative for Android:

  1. SlideME
  2. Amazon Appstore
  3. 1Mobile Market
  4. Samsung Galaxy Apps
  5. Mobile9
  6. Opera Mobile Store
  7. Mobango
  8. Mall
  9. F-droid
  10. GetJar

Apply for app awards
There are tons of organizations that give prizes to new, innovative applications for their functionality, design, and so on. I would highly suggest you take advantage of this method. It can give you tons of press, exposure, reviews and plenty of downloads.

At last, you said that you have no budget to spend on ads, to promote your app, you still can buy app reviews and ratings to increase conversion rate. Because most people tend to download app with has much more positive app reviews and high ratings. It will not cost you too much, but boost your app downloads efficiently.