Lyrics App Google Policy Violation

I am planning to develop Lyrics Android App. I have no permission what so ever from these Singers, or from any of the lyrics writers.
Am I allowed to publish Android Lyrics App on Google Play? Do I violate any of Google Play Policy? Can I add Banner Ads or Interstitial?

Hmmm, interesting one… I see that the big lyrics websites do have Google Adsense implanted so I guess it is fine.
I would ask in the Google Adsense help forum \ community if is allowed… Google it…

I don’t think so. Publishing lyrics on a website is one thing, and integrating them right in your application is another. though its my personnel opinion however you can take this query to another more relevant forum. By the way its a great idea. By the way I know an app (Musixmatch) which have a dimension of lyrics as well, and remained a topper last year. So… I think there is some light

I don’t know about Android App. But for iOS App, you will have trouble when you use Lyrics. I personally got my iOS app rejected for using Lyrics

This is interesting and it might be complicated due to varying intl copyright laws regarding the lyrics. Some of the sites DanielB mentioned might have approval to do so, such as through performing rights societies, etc.